Posted by: Zane Maser | July 27, 2020


It is in giving patience
that we receive patience.
What flows out, flows in.

Some individuals are born with an innately
calmer temperament. Others are not.

Some are more stable, steady, even-keeled, unflappable, imperturbable. Others are not.

Thus, a state of effortless patience is more
inherent for some than for others.

I am of the “others are not” disposition.
My husband is of the ilk of the unflustered.
He is, for the most part, a rock of
levelheaded tranquility.

For some of us, it’s very much an
evolutionary journey of perseverance to
acquire and, as a consequence, respond
with the spiritual quality of patience.
Then, we’ve arrived at the pristine
headwaters of equability!

I am learning that outward patience—
the effect—begins initially with inner
patience—the cause—towards myself.
Everything that I am and you are affects the
sender but is also a gentle or harsh wave
felt as it spreads throughout the universe.

When the unruffled waters of patience
are inwardly peaceful, I then have utter
patience with you—the receiver.

In this sense, I reap the initial blessing
and gift of patience, because I am in
self-governance of myself. And, you
are secondarily the recipient of my calmness.
Harmony has circulated within and without.
The more I am patient, the more you and you
and you and the world settles into a greater
degree of balance and accord. The same
result occurs when any person is at peace.

But, it begins, first and foremost,
inside of my self-home in the realization
that there is no such thing as any outer
influence but only what I accept and therefore
self-create within the confines of my mind
and beliefs. In other words, someone or
something or some condition or some location
or some event doesn’t “do it to me.” I do
it always unto myself! I’ve done it to me!

Patience is a practice of continual
self-awareness wherein the reflex movement
of frustration, irritability, and impatience
are caught before I have an outburst of
energy directed at unsuspecting you.
Emotionally, it may likely cast you
backwards by surprise!

St. Teresa of Avila wisely knew that,
“The gift of patience is patience.” It’s
a simple thing but not always easy to
demonstrate, especially if, in our formative
years of “conditioning” at home, there was
a parent or other significant person who
modeled impatience a good deal of the time,
sometimes in the form of an unspoken or
spoken motto of “get it right the first
time!” Later, the inner work begins to
re-condition and transform our self, moving
the inherent choice and power from
external sources to the interiority of Self.

Still another remarkable outcome in this
feedback loop of awareness and conscious
is that it again begins
within me. The patience I am treating you
with is the patience I am originally treating
myself with. I am not inwardly trouncing
myself or losing it with unconscious reactivity
shown as annoyance, anger, or fear. This is
love given twice.

Patience is the natural abiding
state when the mind becomes quiet, the heart
slows its pace, and the whole mind-body system
settles into comfort, safety, relaxation, and
true rest. Be still. Be still. Be still
and reside in Self-mastery.

The ultimate of patience derives from
unconditional love—a love that does not find
fault, try to change, compare, make lesser than,
make fun of, criticize, condemn, or judge even me.
Love is really another name for peace, which
rests upon the inner foundation of patience.



Genius is eternal patience.

At the end of the way is freedom.
Till then, patience.

Be completely humble and gentle;
be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2

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