Posted by: Zane Maser | December 6, 2020


If you wish to receive kindness,
first find it within.

If you’d like to be more peaceful and patient,
first unlock it within.

If you desire health,
first release it within.

If friendship is your hope,
first unfold it within.

If you’d like to feel the comfort
of bounteous supply,
first open it deep within.

If your search is for wisdom and guidance,
first uncover it deep within.

If you yearn to be included,
first include.

If your desire is forgiveness,
first forgive.

If love is your greatest need,
first love.


The light of illumination you already have right
where you are—secreted within. It must first come
alive in you for it to flow out through you into expression.


What we entertain in consciousness is what we will find wherever we go. If we entertain lack and limitation, we will find lack and limitation, even in the midst of prosperity. During the years of the depression, many suffered due to the belief that there was lack. Upon analyzing the situation, however, we found that Maine grew as many potatoes, Kansas produced as much wheat, the South as much cotton, and the hills abounded with as many cattle—but still the people were crying about lack. They were accepting in consciousness the belief of lack and then demonstrating it, and yet there was as much abundance all over the land as there had ever been.

Abundance is now, and abundance there will be, even in the days of the next so-called depression, but that next depression will not come nigh your dwelling place if only you can begin now with the realization that you will demonstrate what you have in consciousness, nothing more and nothing less.

Joel S. Goldsmith, from Living the Infinite Way

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2020. The sunflower photo is by Mayan K. Bhogal. The creator of the dragonfly is unknown. All 2009-2020 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

Haiku poetry is the impartation of spiritual
principles in few words.

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