Posted by: Zane Maser | February 5, 2021


Through the developed spiritual eye, we see
the heart of an individual and the heart
of nature—the heart of a leaf, of a flower,
and even of a stone. There is no such thing
as dead matter. Everything there is lives
and breathes, and everything there is has
a soul. There are souls in stones, and
there are souls in trees, but these souls
are the one Soul interpreted at different
levels. Seen materially, a stone is a stone.
Seen mentally, a stone can be a weapon.
Seen spiritually, a stone is really a little
spark of God—a jewel, a gem—and strangely
enough, it is incorporeal. It has form,
structure, color, and beauty, but it does not
have density. So with a tree. A tree has
form, light, beauty, color, grace, but it
has no density when perceived through
the transcendental consciousness.

Joel S. Goldsmith, “A Parenthesis in Eternity”


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