Posted by: Zane Maser | March 22, 2021


A personal sense of self is shaped within the receptacle
of family and societally imposed, acceptable norms.
A personality is thus shaped by the many expectations,
demands, and outer conditioning—often of untold
generations—that will govern and very often limit
freedom of choice, all in order to comply and fit in.

In the evolutionary growth of an individual,
there are those very few who arrive at a crossroad
that portends a different, unconventional life journey.
This is a pivotal moment of consciousness.

Do I dare step beyond the bounds?
Do I rather choose to embrace the inner dictates
and guidance of my heart and soul?
Is authenticity the treasure I seek in willingness
to release all that no longer serves my true nature?
Am I ready to relinquish the false, crafted veil of
protection, the one that has projected
an external, contrived sense of self?

If the answer is yes, step onto the eternal Way.
The inner door that has henceforth been closed
tight now opens and an untainted light shines.

Eventually, when the mask of personal sense drops,
the divine Self smiles.

At the point when the personal sense has shrunk,
there’s no fearful reactivity or protectivity.
Freedom from these entangling traps is gained.

A personal sense of self tends to compare,
which often results in agitation and sometimes despair.
The divine Self lives in equanimity and harmony.

In the realm of the personal, giving can mean loss
in that something is transferred from myself to you.
In the realm of Reality, giving is a shift from
one pocket to the other pocket with
never an incurred loss in any form.
The blessing of increase is the result.

The personal self divides and dis-includes.
The real Self welcomes and embraces all
as the One Self—sharing, caring, loving.

When the personal sense of self dissolves,
Self-autonomy remains.
The individual has reclaimed their divine
origin, the birthright of all Life.

And through such a pioneering example,
the door of Self-determination and
Self-governance is loosened for others.



When you are united with Spirit, you are king—
a king of quietude and bliss, fully satisfied
and complete within your Self.
Paramahansa Yogananda, beloved master of the East and West


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