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“Resurrection is an experience. It’s an experience of truth, and the reason for the Master’s resurrection wasn’t merely to prove that he could be raised up from the dead, or that he could raise himself up from the dead, because what value would that be to us? It was to exemplify his teaching that the dead are to be raised. Whether dead in sin, dead in lack, dead in ignorance, dead in disease—the dead are to be resurrected, raised up into life again.

As a matter of fact, the resurrection is the main teaching of all mysticism, all religious teachings, all philosophical teachings. I’m sure with all truth teachings, too, because without resurrection, you really have nothing. You have individuals who are sick, sinning, dying, dead. Without resurrection, that’s where you leave them. You have individuals in the prison of their mentality of thoughts. Without resurrection, that’s where you would leave them.

Therefore, the entire race, all [human]kind, must be resurrected eventually, must be raised out of death [in all its varied forms], out of inertia, which is a death in itself, a going on and on, and a continuing on and on in an old pattern—this is inertia. This is death.

…It is true that part of our resurrection comes because of Jesus’ experience and his disciples’ and apostles’ experiences. Part of our resurrection comes because we have found spiritual teachers or spiritual practitioners to help us on the way. But, be assured of this that these are just temporary helps. Our resurrection only comes through an activity of our own consciousness. Something must take place within us, which ultimately leads to the Easter day, that is, the actual experience of resurrection.

… Now, resurrection is not something that happened to the Master; ascension is not something that happened to the Master. Resurrection and ascension are something that were an actual activity of the consciousness of the Master. And, without this activity, whatever its nature, there would have been no resurrection and no ascension.

…Easter is to be an actual experience, an experience of resurrection, in which the “old man” of us is dead. Therefore, we prepare for that each moment of our lives. Just as in planting fruit trees the goal is to have fruit. But, the preparation for it is the planting of the seed, the rain, the sunshine, the fertilizer—all of this is preparation for the ultimate experience of fruitage.

Then, there is a three-day period, after which I [the Christ within each of us] raise up this temple again. And then, there is the longer period of preparation for the final experience of ascension above mortality, ascension into Christhood, even while here on earth.

Always remember that since Jesus attained Christhood, he was imparting to us the truth, imparting a spiritual principle—that Christhood is also the measure of our individual experience, our goal, our ultimate attainment. And, once we have been initially touched [with a degree of it], we never again can rest until we have attained the full measure.”

Joel S. Goldsmith, from a 1964 talk, “Preparation for Easter”


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