Posted by: Zane Maser | June 3, 2015



Patterns keep us stuck.
The fast, “do”-ing treadmill stress.
Hair flying, what for?

The breath goes in, out.
Space for Presence to show up.
The breath slows, softly.

Sweet heart leads the Way.
Measured steps, move mindfully.
Life is effortless.


All life is one; yesterday, today, tomorrow –
all is a perfect sequence, perfect law and order.
The life you are living today is the result
of how you lived yesterday; and as you live today
in your innermost being, so your future may be.
White Eagle, The Gentle Brother

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Haiku poem © by Zane Maser, 2015. “Little Gray Mouse running fast” and photo gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my delightful husband.


  1. How great! Thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to race!

    • Thanks, dear Linda. It helps as a reminder to me also! Life is too precious to speed through, isn’t it? Ahhhh, smelling the roses and hearing the birds….

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