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When those you love pass from the mortal body,
they go to a world of true happiness and light,
and they are only separated from you by mortal sense.
If you respond to the law of love, you will always
be at-one in heart and spirit with your beloved.
White Eagle

Sadly, I had news from my very dear friend that she and her husband, Michael, had to make the “awful” decision to have the dog they loved euthanized last week. Maxine is feeling “gutted” and “not functioning well.”  She went on to say, “I am happy that Jenny is now out of pain and playing happily in dog Summer Land with Mac, her friend we previously owned. I don’t know if we ever ‘own’ an animal; they are just wonderful friends that give so much love. We miss her terribly!”

Maxine, Griff, and Jenny

I know pretty much how she feels! When our Spirit dog passed on unexpectedly some years back in the middle of the night, we were plowed under for a couple of days, barely rising out of bed, our hearts so full of deep anguish. The saving grace was that we knew at the moment of her death, she was beautifully lifted right up into the Light and out of any apparent suffering on the physical level when her heart gave out. The Angels are ever watchful and prepared, thus they take care of all! As Spirit died to our world, she was born to the other side—free and perfect. And as my friend’s dog drew her last breath, Maxine’s sacred white wolf (her animal totem) came for her dog. In the immediacy of separation, unity was present.

Spirit dosing in the New Mexico sun

In those initial days after our Spirit’s physical death, the sun faithfully rose clear and crisp over the snow-clad mountains around Taos, New Mexico, but we were scarcely aware of its inner vibrancy or life-affirming glow. At that time, we were unable to take in its sustaining nourishment. “But the spiritual sunshine is always present,” White Eagle promises, “no matter if the day be dull—the sun is shining, even though it may be obscured by mists [of grief].”

Currently, though it is generally less agonizingly raw, Chris and I continue to miss the physical presence of our cat, Zoe, who passed on over three months ago. It seems impossible that it has already been a quarter of a year since Zoe, too, made her transition to the inner world of Spirit and continued Life. For me, the sense of loss and grief is getting somewhat easier to endure, and I don’t have the acute missing as frequently as I did. I am realizing even more deeply and becoming more “awake” to Zoe’s inner presence with us. She is happily aware that we continue to commune in joyous unity!

May I share with you the following, comforting experience written by Joan Hodgson, who, prior to her death, was one of the “Mothers” of the White Eagle Lodge in England. Joan shares her very moving experience regarding the “loss” of her dear dog:

I remember watching with some heartbreak the passing of a very beloved female dog. It was a beautiful experience. As she breathed her last I suddenly became aware of a dear relative in the spirit world standing near and he gave a little whistle. As he did so I saw Mandy get up out of her dead body and stretch herself just as she did when waking from sleep. Then she gave a little shake and went towards him, wagging her tail, full of life and joy just as if she were setting off on a lovely country walk. For a long time after this we felt her often in her old haunts in the house and knew that she was not really aware of any difference. I do firmly believe that the love which humans bear to animals helps them in their evolution and that quite often they will reincarnate and come back to the same master or mistress in a new body at the appointed time.1

Joan Hodgson’s sister, Ylana Hayward (also a Lodge Mother), wrote about her own similar experience of inner sight after the death of her dog: “My son, Colum, and I were with Lottie [a rescue dog] to the very end. We were both very sad to say goodbye to her physical presence, but the lovely thing was that shortly after her passing I was walking in the Temple grounds—and missing her very much—but suddenly she was there, by my side, looking up at me, and then she was running around and enjoying herself, but even as she did so she was never far from me.”2

White Eagle gave this message to a specific individual, but it applies to all of us as a balm for our hearts:

We understand the pain of parting with a visible form. We can say little to comfort those who have parted with the physical form of their beloved pet, but we give you this picture: your little friend is bounding through fields and gardens in the heavenly life. He is so happy with his companions and is quite unaware that he is not with you, for at night your soul goes to him and he is with you in happy companionship. Oh, think of this picture. It is true, it is true, it is true. Your night is day to him, and your day on earth is his night. Hold this picture and be thankful for the joy of that friend, who is not dead but lives on in God’s kingdom. As you develop this higher consciousness of the soul world you will know that you cannot be separated from loved ones, whether they be animal or human.

Here is yet another story of the continuance of life after death from the Stella Polaris (magazine of The White Eagle Lodge) that illustrates how sweet and eternal the sharing of love really is:

I was so touched by the words of White Eagle saying that our beloved animals have their own after-life and I felt I must write to tell you of my experience when I lost my friend and companion of twelve years almost a year ago. She was only a little mongrel but so faithful; I had to have her put to sleep when she began to hemorrhage badly from a growth which no one had known was there. It was a very sad time and I grieved for her so much, but about two weeks after she had gone I had a dream—or was it a real experience?—when I saw a crowd of different animals running along a grassy lane. As I watched I saw my little pet with them and called her name; she jumped up, looked around to see where I was. I called again and she saw me and bounded over, tail wagging, full of life. After giving her some fussing I sensed she was anxious to get back to her friends, so I said, “Go on then, off you go” as I used to when we were out walking. She ran off to join the others, tail still wagging and I knew she was happy to be there. I awoke then but that picture remains with me and there is no more sadness for me.

So, whenever any one of us is undergoing this fragile process of healing, honest sharing with those we love makes the load lighter and easier to bear. As my friend said in her latest email, “All your love and support makes my life worth while and enfolded me in love and healing…. Perhaps it’s all the lovely Healing Ray you are holding me in, that palest pink ray.”

. . .A Divine law operates through both the act of giving
and the act of receiving. Experience has taught you that
by creating a condition of love and harmony deep within
your own heart you draw to yourself love and harmony; by
creating beauty within, you draw external beauty to you.
As you give, so you receive. What you put into life flows
back full measure—this is inescapable law. It is impossible
for any man or woman to give truly from the heart without
receiving exactly what they have given—and a great deal more
if the heart is attuned to the Master of love.

White Eagle

In the gift of genuine friendship, both parties send out and receive little, light-filled lines of support, understanding, comfort, healing, inspiration, and compassion. Inwardly and “etherically” real, these lines of light sent back and forth around the world create an entire Grid of Love and upliftment, connecting us heart to heart, blessing to blessing. In this practice of loving-tenderness and kindness toward one another, we are a witness to one another’s losses (of all kinds), grief, and vulnerability. Is there really a better way to spend our time?


Between winter and spring time delays
into impatient not quite liminal mood
when the wind suddenly shifts this way

and that and I am chaff, cast everywhere,
lost of who I had thought I was, till now,
into an interregnum of souls going on

to other spaces, of which I know nothing
but guess to be a paradise we didn’t find;
from this a new stillness a new meaning;

where dogs fly when they die, a last breath
given out in a sigh that is the end of life,
the beginning of a life of perpetual play,

one dog chases others, food for everyone,
water from an Olympian spring pours out
the effervescent truth of animal bliss.

I see her now in the blue sky over fields
behind the garden, a small white cumulus
moving eastwards towards completeness.

Michael Scott Byrne, March 2010

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  1. This story appeared in the October-November 1982 Stella Polaris, the White Eagle magazine from New Lands in England.
  2. op. cit., April/May 2003, pages 83-85.

First photo and poem are © by Michael Scott Byrne, 2010.


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