Posted by: Zane Maser | May 22, 2020


A goblet is created from glass, yet it is
simply glass formed. It never becomes
anything other than glass. Thus, the
expression of the goblet is always united
and indivisible from its original state
—not two separate substances but at
all times one.


A star appears to be an isolated entity in its spacious surroundings, yet eternally its context is the stellar background within which the embrace of the sky holds it.


A branch extends from the tree’s
trunk, nonetheless
its aliveness and
fruitfulness is in
its connectivity to
the whole seen and
unseen system of
the tree.


A wave surges up, expressing a unique, individual moment in the ocean’s ever-changing ebb and flow and then settles back into the entirety of the global waters, forever joined with that body.


A majestic mountain peak is thrust upwards, creating a focalized masterpiece of beauty that still rests within the context of the landscape, its parental bedrock of materials, and the forces of nature wherein lies its creation and structure—one vast panorama.


The multiplicity of individual manifestations and expressions throughout the universe—every appearance of what seems to be a singularity—is in truth all godlings within the one divine, spiritual Presence in whose Consciousness the collective godling family is eternally unified.



Every natural object is a conductor of divinity
and only by coming in contact with them… may we
be filled with the Holy Ghost.
John Muir, naturalist and mystic


All life is one, though it has
a diversity of manifestations. All law is one,
but it is applicable and operative in a variety
of ways. There is not one law for matter and
another for mind, not one for the material and
visible and another for the spiritual and invisible.
There is the same law throughout.
James Allen, beloved British mystic


This post is dedicated to my dad, who today would have been 102 years old! Another post, “For the Love of Dad” was written in his remembrance for an incredibly gentle soul who graced my life and is eternally present with me and in my heart.

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