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Truth is so simple.
Live it to be so aware.
Relax, breath easy.

Begin a task right.
Love it to be so awake.
Peace in joyful work.

Birds catch air currents.
No effort to be so true.
They are as they are.

Quiet wisdom comes.
Mind released from all its haste.
Light reveals no fear.

Fruit ripens in time.
Basking in Sun’s daily warmth.
Is there more than this?



Each act that one undertakes represents
an awareness at a particular stage of development.
Alice Burmeister, The Touch of Healing

If you resist life, it’s like riding a bicycle into a wind.
The more you resist, the stronger is the opposing wind.
When you accept life, you ride with ease
with the wind at your back.
Chris Maser, The World is in Our Garden

There is one Link, one Life eternal, which unites
everything in the universe—animate and inanimate—
one wave of Life flowing through everything.
Paramahansa Yogananda, master teacher and Perfected One


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Young George . . . although he was bright
and intelligent and bursting with energy,
he was unable to read and write. Patton’s
wife corrected his spelling, his punctua-
tion, and his grammar.
Biographer Martin Blumenson
(talking about General George Patton)

There’s no question all of us know about the existence of planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Well, there’s yet another planet: Dyslexia. I keep trying to understand this foreign territory, because it’s a planet that, for me, is still shrouded in its mysteries! Perhaps due to a fortunate karmic choice in this lifetime, I’ve never set foot on the Planet of Dyslexia—that is, from what it must FEEL like from the inside out! There are times the Planet of Dyslexia tries my patience to the max!

In retrospect, when Chris and I were married 34 years ago, I had no idea whatsoever that my husband was a closet “dyslexic.” I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a language-based learning disorder termed “dyslexia.” From the outside, he seemed a normally functioning person. There were no apparent intellectual deficits or overt problems related to learning or reading. But, like most individuals with this “cognitive” disorder, most especially prior to dyslexia entering the mainstream with its diagnostic symptoms, they learn from a very early age to hide their challenges at school and in life. Teachers, classmates, his father, and later college professors labeled Chris repeatedly in shaming ways, such as you’re “lazy, slow, dumb, stupid, or not trying hard enough,” even though he possessed the perfectly normal to superior intelligence that characterizes dyslexics.


A teacher sent the following note
home with a six-year-old boy:
“He is too stupid to learn.”
That boy was Thomas A. Edison.
Thomas Edison

Despite differences in the structural and neurological functioning of his brain, Chris had become adept over the years at coping with his dyslexia. Unbeknownst to my awareness early on, he had his set “runways” and “landmarks” to find his way around, even in our small town and state where he’s lived most of his life. With no workable, interior compass to aid him in distinguishing left from right—one of the possible symptoms of dyslexia—he often relied on maps drawn by others to help him navigate terrifying new routes. He’d go the opposite direction to where he needed to go when driving out of a parking lot, because his brain “wiring” switches directions 180 degrees, just like it changes the order of letters and numbers—another symptom of the condition. He’s dialed the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. and a mortuary in Texas when he was trying to call someone local! I’m the “checkbook balancer” in our family, a task that is wrought with total frustration for Chris, due to the fact that his sum total is different for every attempt. I get frequent questions like, “how do you spell obsolete?” or “how do you pronounce this word?” I sometimes get a blank stare when I ask him to give me a paraphrase of the news article he’s just read.

It has not always been easy living with a dyslexic. I can’t begin to imagine what it is like dealing with it, from the inside out, on a daily basis with the inherent discomfort and humiliation that is often heaped on a dyslexic. I have sometimes reacted to Chris’ disability with an unconscious resistance—because I don’t have those challenges he struggles with—rather than with acceptance, patience, and appreciation. The fact is he can’t be different than he is in this regard, even if he wanted to be “regular.” His mind doesn’t work the way my mind works—it never will. It is my folly to expect that his mental capacities will be other than they are. It is what it is.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and people worldwide contend with it. The exact percentage of the population it affects is unknown, but estimates suggest that anywhere from 5-17% may experience some degree of impairment. Dyslexics frequently have trouble spelling, counting the number of syllables in a word, pronouncing words accurately when reading aloud, reading quickly, sounding out words in the head or verbally, persevering with and understanding extended reading assignments, and comprehending what one has read or seen, as in the story line of a movie, to name a few of the potential difficulties. The extent of the learning challenges of dyslexia varies from person to person, and similar to Chris, it can run in a family wherein it was passed from mother to son in his case.1


As a condition first identified in 1881, numberless individuals have suffered unnecessarily due to a lack of understanding and information about what constitutes this basic “disability.” Prior to the 1980s, dyslexia was considered the result of the educational process. Thus, people with dyslexia have been misjudged and “labeled” for a condition that is not their “intellectual fault” but rather involves problems within the mechanisms of the brain’s language and visual processing.2 It is sad to note that dyslexics at work sometimes encounter negative attitudes, prejudice, and are stigmatized for the differences and rates in which they process information and thus their tasks. At times, people make an external assessment based on outer “appearances” without any comprehension that dyslexia is a disability no less than any other disability, such as the person who is afflicted with anxiety and panic disorder.


We’re born with success. It is only
others who point out our failures, and what
they attribute to us as failure.
Whoopi Goldberg

There are contrasting trade-offs with everything in life. The offsetting grace to dyslexia is the person is called on to develop alternative gifts that may have otherwise lain dormant. When Chris couldn’t do something the “customary” way, his innovative mind created other pathways toward solutions. Dyslexia never stopped him; it opened out a whole different segment of his talents and ability to think in original ways. The muscles of his intuitive capacities strengthened, and in his chosen professional field he has put forth pioneering ideas far beyond that of mainstream thinkers. He can “see” the intricate interrelationships within whole ecological systems and how the Universe functions according to a few basic principles! So prodigious has been his creative output that, just last week, he signed a book contract with his co-author. When that book—on the interface of the legal system with that of sustainability—arrives in print, it will be his 40th published book! Not too shabby of an achievement for someone who was labeled “stupid and slow” for so many of his formative years!

Many times I can see a solution to something differently
and quicker than other people. I see the end zone
and say ‘This is where I want to go.’
Charles Schwab, famous investor

And Chris shares company with some of the most distinguished, inventive, groundbreaking minds on the planet from the past and present. The following is but a brief list of those luminaries with the “gift” of dyslexia that have helped to elevate the level of consciousness on our planet.3

Actors and Entertainers: Jennifer Aniston, Harry Belafonte, Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg,
Jim Carrey, Jay Leno, Keanu Reeves, Kiera Knightley, Billy Bob Thornton, Henry Winkler, Loretta Young

Filmmakers: Robert Benton, Walt Disney, Steven Speilberg

Musicians: Cher, John Lennon, Nigel Kennedy, Bob Weir

Artists, Designers, and Architects: Leonardo da Vinci, Ansel Adams (photographer), Tommy Hilfiger (clothing designer), Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Jorn Utzon (architect, designer of the Sydney Opera House), Andy Warhol

Athletes: Muhammad Ali, Meryl Davis (Olympic Gold Medalist, figure skating), Duncan Goodhew (Olympic swimmer), Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Jackie Stewart

Military Heroes: General George Patton

Political Leaders: King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Nelson Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, George Washington, Winston

Inventors and Scientists: Alexander Graham Bell, Pierre Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Paul MacCready (“Engineer of the Century”), John R. Skoyles (Brain Researcher)

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders: Richard Branson, Henry Ford, William Hewlett, Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), David Neeleman (CEO, jetBlue Airways), Charles Schwab, Ted Turner, Robert Woodruff (President of Coca Cola, 1923-1954), Frank W. Woolworth

Writers and Journalists: Scott Adams (Cartoonist of “Dilbert”), Hans Christian Andersen, Agatha Christie, Fannie Flagg, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gustave Flaubert, William Butler Yeats, Byron Pitts
(CBS News correspondent), Patricia Polacco (children’s author
and illustrator)


He told me that his teachers reported
that … he was mentally slow, unsociable,
and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.
Hans Albert Einstein (father of Albert Einstein)


I was, on the whole, considerably discouraged
by my school days. It was not pleasant to feel
oneself so completely outclassed and left behind
at the beginning of the race.
Winston Churchill, noted statesman and orator, historical writer, and artist

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2. Ibid.


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When winter’s winds howl
and life slumbers belowground,
White doves confirm faith.

Fertile barrenness.
Life fleets from the physical.
Inner Light still shines.

Cycles pass from sight.
The towhee’s body stiffens.
Tears run down my cheeks.

One bird’s heart impact.
His spark a full pinnacle.
Divine Completion.

Perfume of the soul
remains as a sweet incense.
His vibrant Spirit.


Life is immortal.
Moments become legacies.
Consciousness recalls.

Physical senses.
Human acquisitiveness.
Not the trumped up gold.

Dust, dust forgotten.
Empty pursuits don’t survive
from realm of effect.

How the heart unfolds.
When the personal self dies.
No tomb can hold us.

Freedom of being
attained through selfless loving.
White narcissus scents.



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The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

We all have heart moments that stop us in our tracks—moments that require instant attention. These are distinctive opportunities to recalibrate. And to choose: What is real? What, in truth, is important to me? What is actually valueless? What do I cherish most? Is it life itself?


Consider this urgent scenario. A Cooper’s hawk (Accipiter cooperii) is weirdly grounded on the pavement of an intersection. It’s clear the bird is helpless. Wounded with what looks like a broken left wing. He can’t rescue himself by flying up into the huge oak tree above. Will there be any one who will step forward to save this precious life?

If it were you who happened to be walking down this street at this moment, would you have even noticed the natural life around you of plant and animal or this feathered anomaly in the street? Or is it more likely you would be technologically transfixed listening to your music or with your cell phone—talking, texting, or tweeting? Or perhaps would your body have been walking while your mind was busily planning the evening or next day’s schedule? Would the song of bird have even registered with you?

My sister told me a sad-but-true story when she recently attended a wedding. At the reception, she and her husband were sitting at a round table with several other relatives, enjoying one another’s company in this celebratory moment of union and reunion. Turning her head, she happened to notice the table behind them was occupied by a group of young women and men in their 30’s. Every one of them was fixated with phone in hand, as though it were the center of their universe. In a plucky moment of courage, my sister said in an authoritative voice, “Hey, this is a wedding!!” Startled and sheepish, the group responded with a joint “sorry” and put their phones away. The reception was a happy event to connect face-to-face, but they were in absentia!

The degree of our presence determines
our contribution to the world.
Eckhart Tolle

Who among us really “sees” and “lives in” the immediate present, this instant of flourishing life around us? How many individuals would have noticed the winged one in enormous distress and danger? One life—extinguished prematurely—because no one was aware.


Fortunately, by Divine Providence, at that precise instant, a dear neighbor feels the “urgency” to water her front yard after a blast of afternoon heat. She “happens” to glance toward the street. “What’s that strange thing in the street,” she wonders. A squirrel? No, wait, oh my god, it’s a downed bird! A hawk almost flattened on the pavement! It appears helpless and motionless. Is it still alive?

An unobservant driver would have crushed the bird—and never known the tragedy that could have been avoided. Had there been any hope of survival, it would have perished due to a lack of presence.

The Philosopher’s Stone is lying on the road,
and wagon wheels roll over it.
Quote from the ancient wisdom of Alchemy

With her wits intact, our neighbor phoned. “Can you come help now? There’s a hawk badly injured but still alive.” We’re out the door. My intrepid husband takes a towel from Carol and slowly walks to the vulnerable one, bending to gently wrap it into a supportive covering. With the hawk crated, our friends dash off to our local wildlife rehabilitation center. The bird passed into Spirit a day later but not without treatment, care, and the love of those who value every spark of life as though it matters.

Everybody has an individual wick,
but the flame on every candle is the same flame.
Alice O. Howell, astrologer and Jungian analyst

Inwardly, we are all connected by an invisible bond of Love and thus divinely equal. Every life is the One Being expressing as infinite diversity—individual and unique. When one falls, the whole web falls. When one bird, animal, or person lays wounded and powerless to move, the entirety of Creation is affected. As with the hawk, there is an ever-present Thread of Divine Provision, whatever the need may be. When one is helped, we are all helped. The entirety of Life resides within the Great Universal Circle—the One appearing in the many.


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Faintly heard at first.
The outer mind too busy.
Constant dialogue.

“I am that I am,” resounds.

Leave the noise outside,
in the clamoring world.
Release the small voice.

“I am in the midst,” heard then.

Clear messages come.
When receptive ears tune in.
Over calm waters.

“Peace I leave with you,” whispered.

Quiet alertness.
The human level recedes.
All troubles vanish.

“But by my spirit,” echoes.

Within the still point.
Expectancy of Spirit.
The outlet opens.

“I am that I am,” repeats.

The Divine Command
is channeled through consciousness,
then expressed on earth.

“The great I am” of Moses.

What is given you
is all around right now, here.
Do your best gladly.

“The Light of Heaven” you shine.

Xmas Buddha

I sit quietly, my mind at rest.
Peace ensues.

Openness occurs.
I am ready when I am ready.
A Divine visitation.

All is delightfully perfect,
as it is meant to be.
Zane Maser

As the saint grows in beauty of spirit,
so he [and she] helps the whole world.
White Eagle, beloved spiritual teacher

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There is a daily exercise of mindfulness each of us can undertake that will make an enormous difference in our personal world and beyond us outward to the larger world. If we remember—on a conscious level—that in every encounter with every person every day who we are actually meeting is the tender Christ babe, the gentle Christ child that is secreted in their heart.


The Divine Child can, at any moment, be born into the world. Born in you, born in me this day. You are this child—already whole, perfect, fulfilled, blessed, guided, watched over every second. And eventually, as we awaken, we remember that we stand (and sit) on sacred ground as a truly Christed One—the Christ incarnate on earth.

So, together, shall we take a few peaceful breaths? Just breath easily. Allow the inner space to expand. Let go, as much as you can in this moment of quiet rest. Relax into those eternal Arms, the ones that we realize are always present to steady, hold, and love us. Remember, now, in every cell of your Self that you ARE indeed this Holy Child—among the Enlightened Ones.

The following is an excerpt from Joel S. Goldsmith’s 1955 recorded tape “The Christ on Earth,” which has been very slightly edited for clarity:

Occasionally, the Divine Spiritual Impulse, called the Christ,
appears as more pronounced in an individual here and
there, but It exists in the consciousness of every individual
on the face of the globe. There comes a specific period
in the life of each individual when they come to the place
of spiritual annunciation in which the Christ is conceived,
nurtured, developed, until, on a Christmas Day, the Child
is born. In other words, the Presence of the Christ is
realized or achieved in individual you and me—within our
own being.

For each person, Christmas Day may occur on a different
date. The birth of the Christ may not necessarily take place
on December 25
but on June 2nd. It does not have to occur geographically in the Holy Lands, but always, always, always,
it takes place in the holy or uplifted consciousness of
an individual.

It is this uplifted consciousness that is the Holy City—the city
that is called “Sought out.” This inner City is the dwelling
place and birthplace of the Christ. Whenever anyone achieves
a realization of the Christ, they are then sought after, just
as the ships at sea seek after a lighthouse. They are sought
after not for the person or personality of that individual,
but for that area of consciousness, which is called the Holy
Land, the birthplace and residence of the Christ. …and Its
abiding place is within you.

Wherever this Spirit of God appears in human consciousness,
all the blessings and prophecies regarding the rich fruitage
of the Christ are made evident. …And it becomes a Christmas
Day every day that you permit the entrance of the Christ
into this world through your consciousness.



Come with us now in spirit, in imagination into the home of
the elder brethren, and with us join those beloved souls
who, because of the simple spirit of a little child, are
shining and radiant with the light of heaven . . . the light,
which is the power of command and control of the physical
and spiritual atoms. This command is not attained by the
power of the mind of earth but by the very essence of that
humble spirit of the gentle Christ. This is the spirit of
Christmas, the spirit of the pure childlike love, adoration
and worship.
               From the book White Eagle on Festivals & Celebrations


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Life is meant to be a gentle
keeping on in Divine step.
Keep on quietly in the continuous now.

The nuance of words we use makes a huge difference. Some words are like a soft breeze that caresses our soul, while other words can be a strong gust of wind that knocks us over. And our words, like our life, are an expression of our inner world, as they come forth to play out externally. When we think and speak with presence of mind and consciousness, then the spirit and intention behind our words creates harmonious forms outwardly. We become the master of our own experience.

Here’s a simple example: keep up or keep on. There is a vast variation in the “energetic feeling” engendered by the statements to “keep up!” or to “keep on.”

Take a moment to experience what it feels like to be told: “You have to keep up! Come on, keep up!” If someone said to you, “Keep up! Keep up! Can’t you keep up?!” How does that feel? How many times do you do this to yourself with internal “self-talk,” in one form or another, with a harsh, critical, nagging voice prodding you ever onward?


Moreover, “keeping up” the pace produces stress and tension that derives from an overly active, busy mind and body in too great of a hurry—a pushing drive against the natural movement of energy in its own time. We fail to remember that, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” So many of us attempt to “keep up” externally due to all the spoken and unspoken expectations, the “shoulds,” and the conventional striving toward what we “must be” and “must have” to “fit in” to be okay in the opinions of others. It’s the mode of “keeping up appearances” to remain in the frenetic crowd of competitive, human pushing.

As a case in point, in the early 1930’s, while lecturing in the United Kingdom as one of the leaders of the “New Thought” movement, Emmet Fox made some remarkable predictions in response to questions from his audiences. One of his extraordinary statements foretold of a “technology addiction in the 21st century.” In a recent study by researchers at the University of Glasgow, an astounding discovery exposed the fact that most people “check their e-mails every hour and fifty percent of those studied check their e-mails thirty and forty times an hour.” Their findings also revealed that nearly ninety percent of all Americans actively use some sort of computerized device.1 Such a “technology addiction” speaks perfectly to the desperate attempt to “keep up!!” in order to be “informed” every second—day and night!


In contrast, if someone said, “Keep on. There is no hurry; just keep on in your own pace.” How does this caring nod of acceptance and support feel? Is it encouraging and understanding of your unique rate and rhythm? Then, how does it feel to say to yourself: “I’m going to keep on with my project. I’m enjoying it, so I want to keep on.” The flow of life’s river is thus manageable and pleasurable when we simply “keep on keeping on” with ease, giving each thing its appointed time and energy. We keep on in sync with our own divine rate—with joy and thanksgiving.

“Haste doesn’t live here.”
A sign on the door of Chiara Vigo’s studio,
the last woman who is thought to make sea silk

“Keep up!” is a human-driven concept to be “of the world.” “Keep on” is a spiritual principle that denotes a persistent steadfastness to share our gifts “in the world” in a way that allows us to stay centered according to our own nature. “Keep up” is an external measure that someone else decrees. “Keep on” is an internal measure of being true to our Self, to our spiritual guidance, and the specific path before us. It’s a quiet tempo of peace and inward alignment, trusting that whatever our current need, the answer will appear naturally, timely. “Keeping on” is our personal journey to the sacred Mountaintop.

To change the energetic paradigm from “keep up” to “keep on” is to shift our center of consciousness from the material, human level of strenuous effort to the spiritual level of fluent ease—the “taking no thought for our life.” Then, we move from blessing to blessing in a genuine manner.


And how, you ask, are we to walk the spiritual path?
We answer: Say little; love much;
give all; judge no person; aspire to all
that is pure and good—
and keep on keeping on.
White Eagle, The Quiet Mind

In the many, many stories told of the search for the Holy Grail,
for the gold cup from which Jesus is supposed to have drunk at
the Crucifixion, the seekers always came home, impoverished
and broken in health, dropping wearily and despondently at
their own door. In every version is told the story of the person
who gives his whole life and fortune to the search in the outer
world only to find the long sought for treasure on his return home.
He finds it in his garden, perhaps hanging to the branch of a tree;
he reaches forth his hand at his own table, and it appears.
     The story of the Holy Grail is symbolic of the treasure hidden
within our consciousness, within our own being, there by virtue
of our oneness with God.
                           Joel S. Goldsmith, Conscious Union with God

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1. JoAnn Corsiatto. 2015. “Emmet Fox: The Modern Mystic.” Golden Key Books, 170 pages.


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In the true Garden
good and evil do not exist.
Illusion’s folly.

No reason to hide.
No nakedness to feel shame.
No sad aloneness.

It was a false tale
told in fear to separate.
You’re good, bad, in, out.

The outside world
loomed powerful, in control.
Randomly acting.


But the Tree is Love.
The Law gives us inner choice
to share in Oneness.

Nothing outward has
power over our Divine
consciousness, birthright.

The Tree’s roots connect
all life in a circle of
Spiritual Union.

Come to the Garden.
Meet yourself as true Being.
Everlasting Life!


Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning
and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be
asking the question when you are the answer.
Joseph Campbell, renowned mythologist and author


In the beginning was the Word – and the Word
was a vibration. It was a sound and it reverberated
in a circle. The earth is a circle. It may expand
and expand or contract. …think of life as a circle
of light in which you are … enfolded. You all live
in the Word—in this circle of light
and power and protection.
White Eagle, spiritual teacher

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As we enter the holiday spirit of heart-felt giving and the hastening approach of a New Year, there is an unsettled energy of uncertainty swirling around in the outer world. For many, their nervous systems are heightened, even if unnoticed below the radar of conscious awareness.


But we can choose to dissolve this subtle and overt pool of fear and reactive response by choosing to shed light and be a Light in the world. Such a shining example is the group of Maui residents who have generously taken a mile-long ti-leaf and orchid lei to the people of Paris and France. The message the organizers and volunteers have sent to Paris is “to remind the world of the existence and power of kindness, love and aloha – and to stand as a bright light to overpower the negativity in the world today.” The eight lei sections (as symbols for each Hawaiian Island) have added their love, unity, and spirit to the increasing gifts at the various memorial sites.

It is now even more vital for each of us to keep a tranquil mind and heart, to attend to our inner life—and to the extent that we actively withdraw several times a day for a few moments, we leave the turmoil and stress outside of our internal systems and thus give it no avenue of entry or power of effect. This is our powerful gift to the world.


The Law of Energy circulates from the inward to the outward, from the invisible realm of cause to the visible realm of result. So, when we can rest easily in our inner “atmosphere” of peace, kindness, goodwill, and joy, it becomes the reality for all the experiences of our outer life. As we gently release the “human scene” in our moments of silent reflection and listening, our heart centers in spiritual assurance. Divine Light and Love have never and will at no second ever leave us… An oasis of Light we are already.

In his final conversation with God, Neale Donald Walsch received an amazing collection of pearls of wisdom from the Divine Source.1 The following are a few of those spiritual pearls to take into your oasis of quiet contemplation in the days ahead and beyond into a new year of promise and increasing Light. Remember, you are the Light every moment! May these illuminative truths given by God be a comforting balm for your soul as they are to my soul.

“All of life is interconnected. No aspect or individuation
of the Whole acts independently of any other aspect
or individuation. Life continuously creates interactively.
We are producing outcomes mutually. There
is no other way We CAN produce them.” (page 19)

“All human beings are born with all the wisdom
of the universe imprinted on their souls. It is the
DNA of everything. Every living thing has this
[Divine Natural Awareness] built in. It is part of the
system. It is part of the process that you call Life.” (page 5)

“There is no truth except the truth that exists within you.
Everything else is what someone is telling you.” (page 14)

“Do not believe a single thing I say. Listen to what I say,
then believe what your heart tells you is true.
For it is in your heart where your wisdom lies, and
in your heart where your truth dwells, and in your
own heart where God resides in most intimate
communication with you.” (page 25)

“No matter which way you go, you cannot fail to get Home.
…Your outer world is the path. It is meant to lead you
back Home. Indeed, all the events in your outer
world are meant to do exactly that. That’s why you
put them there
.” (pages 18 and 21)

“Everybody is doing everything for themselves.
When you awaken to this awareness, you will have reached Breakthrough. And when you understand that this is true
even about dying, you will never fear dying again. And when
you no longer fear dying, you will no longer fear living.
You will live your life fully, right up until the
very last moment.” (page 3)

“You are the cause of your own death.
This is always true, no matter where, or how, you die.
…You cannot die against your will.” (pages 8 and 10)

“‘Death is an emergency’ because it is not about
‘dying’ at all. It is about merging and emerging.” (page 37)

“You are always immersed in the Divine.
You are immersed in it right now. …you are it.
You are Divinity, immersed in Divinity, expressing Itself
as the Individuated Aspect of Divinity known as You.
Therefore, in the truest sense, you are not on a
journey Home. You are already there. You are
Home with God always.” (page 35)


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1. Neale Donald Walsch. 2006. Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends. Atria Books. (Page number for each quote noted above).


Text © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photo of double rainbow © by Chris Maser, 2015. Emblem of the Paris lei used from “Lei for Paris” website. Other photo gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All 2009-2015 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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All true religions are wonderful and all true
spiritual teachings are paths to God and
no one religion and no one teaching is
more “right” than another. There is more
than one way to the mountaintop.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

pyramid crystal2

This beautiful pyramidal crystal is both a simple and excellent illustration of perspectives. If you look at one side of its four sides, you see a single face—a particular perspective. Viewing this one side, while the other sides are out of your point of view or beyond your position, you may think or believe this is the only side of life and the only valid perception. From your standpoint, it may represent your “one way” worldview, forming your attitude and outlook.

Then again, if you happen to see the crystal as two sides join, you see yet another perspective or facet. There are more approaches than a single view. In fact, the two sides are inseparable and harmoniously co-existent with one another as a whole. It takes four sides to form this pyramid, as all sides blend and mutually depend on the others.

So, is one side more beautiful than another? Does one side have a clearer, truer perspective than the others? Is one side superior or inferior to the others? Which side is right? Which side is wrong? Which side is your favorite?

pyramid crystal1

Let’s consider the dazzling colors. In each photo, the colors show up in various ways, depending on the angle and how the light refracts into different wavelengths. In each photo, the colors come together to form one gorgeous jewel of light, reflecting back to us in a unique, stunning manner. What you see may not be exactly what I see, perhaps in part due to your angle being infinitesimally different than mine. Your lens filters your perceptions as does mine.

The following ideas present a particular perspective. See and feel how they may or may not resonate with you. They signify a distinct worldview, just one of the many ways to the mountaintop—Paths that are ALL sacred in their own right.

A universal Spirit, a universal Life pervades all form.

Every atom of life is holy.
Divine Being adores every atom.

Love is the only reality—all that is real.

Divinity appears in a multiplicity of forms,
varieties, perspectives.

Given the equality of divine origin, each form
represents its own capacities or potentialities
of infinite expression.

The interior Light in one is the same light
within all universal life. This is the spiritual
baseline—the nature and center of true being.

The degree of Light that I allow to shine through
creates all that appears in my world. In reality,
I am the creator that shapes my personal universe.

Our life, then, is the effect of our consciousness.

It is impossible to be separated from this Supreme
Light and grace. That said, we have the power
to make choices that result in the illusion that
we have a selfhood apart from Spirit.
To recognize this error is to correct it.

Only I give my consent to what becomes the
unhappiness or joy, the emptiness or fulfillment
of the entirety of my life. My inner experience
is the key to self-mastery.

What plays out in my life is the perfect happening
at the perfect time and place, with those who
are my perfect partners. This willingness is surrender,
which is acceptance. And acceptance equates to love.

In our loving, we love Divinity’s Presence
in all the multiplicity of forms.

If all reality flows forth from Divine Source,
then what do we possibly need to heal, change,
overcome, improve, wait for, or attain?

All our needs are provided, providing we open
and allow the inner flow of Divine grace to appear
as the required resource at the moment.

Silence is the greatest power.

Truth is accessed only in quiet stillness
within the center of our Self.

There is a spiritual point—of eternal life—in us
that transcends our physical being. It is the place
wherein we are never alone. Here, we experience
the unity of Light.


Everything is as it appears. And appearances are
based on perceptions. And perceptions are based
on perspectives, and perspectives are not objective.
They are subjective. They are not something that you
experience; they are something that you choose.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

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Text and Photos © by Zane Maser, 2015. All 2009-2015 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my stupendous husband.

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