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All true religions are wonderful and all true
spiritual teachings are paths to God and
no one religion and no one teaching is
more “right” than another. There is more
than one way to the mountaintop.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

pyramid crystal2

This beautiful pyramidal crystal is both a simple and excellent illustration of perspectives. If you look at one side of its four sides, you see a single face—a particular perspective. Viewing this one side, while the other sides are out of your point of view or beyond your position, you may think or believe this is the only side of life and the only valid perception. From your standpoint, it may represent your “one way” worldview, forming your attitude and outlook.

Then again, if you happen to see the crystal as two sides join, you see yet another perspective or facet. There are more approaches than a single view. In fact, the two sides are inseparable and harmoniously co-existent with one another as a whole. It takes four sides to form this pyramid, as all sides blend and mutually depend on the others.

So, is one side more beautiful than another? Does one side have a clearer, truer perspective than the others? Is one side superior or inferior to the others? Which side is right? Which side is wrong? Which side is your favorite?

pyramid crystal1

Let’s consider the dazzling colors. In each photo, the colors show up in various ways, depending on the angle and how the light refracts into different wavelengths. In each photo, the colors come together to form one gorgeous jewel of light, reflecting back to us in a unique, stunning manner. What you see may not be exactly what I see, perhaps in part due to your angle being infinitesimally different than mine. Your lens filters your perceptions as does mine.

The following ideas present a particular perspective. See and feel how they may or may not resonate with you. They signify a distinct worldview, just one of the many ways to the mountaintop—Paths that are ALL sacred in their own right.

A universal Spirit, a universal Life pervades all form.

Every atom of life is holy.
Divine Being adores every atom.

Love is the only reality—all that is real.

Divinity appears in a multiplicity of forms,
varieties, perspectives.

Given the equality of divine origin, each form
represents its own capacities or potentialities
of infinite expression.

The interior Light in one is the same light
within all universal life. This is the spiritual
baseline—the nature and center of true being.

The degree of Light that I allow to shine through
creates all that appears in my world. In reality,
I am the creator that shapes my personal universe.

Our life, then, is the effect of our consciousness.

It is impossible to be separated from this Supreme
Light and grace. That said, we have the power
to make choices that result in the illusion that
we have a selfhood apart from Spirit.
To recognize this error is to correct it.

Only I give my consent to what becomes the
unhappiness or joy, the emptiness or fulfillment
of the entirety of my life. My inner experience
is the key to self-mastery.

What plays out in my life is the perfect happening
at the perfect time and place, with those who
are my perfect partners. This willingness is surrender,
which is acceptance. And acceptance equates to love.

In our loving, we love Divinity’s Presence
in all the multiplicity of forms.

If all reality flows forth from Divine Source,
then what do we possibly need to heal, change,
overcome, improve, wait for, or attain?

All our needs are provided, providing we open
and allow the inner flow of Divine grace to appear
as the required resource at the moment.

Silence is the greatest power.

Truth is accessed only in quiet stillness
within the center of our Self.

There is a spiritual point—of eternal life—in us
that transcends our physical being. It is the place
wherein we are never alone. Here, we experience
the unity of Light.


Everything is as it appears. And appearances are
based on perceptions. And perceptions are based
on perspectives, and perspectives are not objective.
They are subjective. They are not something that you
experience; they are something that you choose.
Words spoken by God to Neale Donald Walsch,
in the book Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

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A clear image forms
as a lens focuses light.
Twofold to oneness.

Like a camera,
the inner eye sees One Form.
Divine underneath.

In silent repose
Eternal Goodness shows forth.
The false vanishes.

Natural Beauty
abounds everywhere perfect
as a Blessed Gift.


Sight comes from the heart
cleansed of human illusion.
Kind mercy, goodwill.

Fear becomes groundless.
Spacious Arms hold us softly.
Peace our pure birthright.

Look inward for Love.
In quiet open to Soul.
Trust Presence. See clear.

Already at home.
No Prodigal ever left.
Eyes sparkle with joy.


Only One Spirit I leave with you.
My Oneness I give to you.
Not as the world gives,
but as I give to you—eternally.
All Reality is Divine.
Let your heart be soothed
and your mind serene.
Oneness I give—unconditionally.
Always, you have been complete.
Zane Maser’s version of John 14:27

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My present emotional state is both
my past and my future.


A number of weeks back, when I was stuck in an old emotional pattern, my dear friend, Linda Saurenman, gave me a marvelous suggestion. As one of the “illumined lights” on our planet and part of the awakening consciousness, Linda has the talent of offering ideas in a most supportive and healing way. She has helped me to gain a greater sense of my sacred wholeness—a gift from her that has multiplied over the years.

On the astrological level, my natal chart indicates a certain inclination toward emotional caution and restraint. Having grown up in a family system where openly expressing my true feelings was not always the safe choice to make, I soon became adept at “burying” emotions to protect my tender, little self and to survive psychologically.

Because every dis-ease is caused by self-rejection,
healing occurs with self-acceptance.
Simone Butler, astrologer

In my natal chart, both the Moon and Venus—the planets associated with the natural flow of feelings, love, nurturance, and a sense of belonging—are linked in a difficult, tense relationship (termed an “aspect”) with Saturn, the Lord who presides over inhibitions and restrictive blockages. As astrologer Laura Tadd put it, “Saturn, in any sign, is typically anything but carefree and childlike,” but Saturn also encourages us to look inside our self to uncover the truth that sets us free. What we gain under Saturn’s disciplined tutelage, we have earned!

With a natal Moon in dispassionate Aquarius, described as the most cerebral and least emotional of the twelve lunar positions, my innate reserve can be a hindrance, at times, that disallows emotional spontaneity and the flood of tears from loss and grief. Moreover, the Moon is associated with how we learn to “mother” not only others but also the sensitive child within our self. We tend to mother as we were mothered.

It seems evident that I came into this lifetime with a resounding soul agenda to clear emotional patterns from the past and to open wide the positive channels of expressive feeling—a richness that allows the full engagement with each moment as it arises just as it is.

So, here’s the idea Linda shared. It’s a practice that pays honor to our feelings, especially those that are the most painful, deeply entrenched ones as they bravely come up out of hiding and are welcomed into the light of acknowledgment.

To illustrate, my long-time friend and walking partner recently moved with her husband to another city. Her living only a block away had given me a consistent comfort that she’d always be there to get together at planned times and in the spur of the moment. I felt this outward “loss” acutely, and a stream of emotions have surfaced.


Linda counsels: “Validate the love and happy connection I feel with Carol. Validate what I’ve already ‘lost and feel lost about’ and when I am ready, then fill a balloon with my sadness. Release it with respect and honor.” I am to let it rise from my heart and go up, up out of sight into the healing Radiance of the Sun. In loving confirmation, I have given voice to my true, sometimes raw feelings and released them so that the emotional river can flow with ease, gentle strength, and authenticity.

With every such balloon of feeling we release, we gain greater clarity and freedom. We become more integrated, more real, more loving, more light-filled and joyous. Feel how every balloon each of us sends skyward contributes, without a doubt, to the increased illumination and awakening of our entire planet.


“When the necessary work of bonding to [the highest] self,
has been completed, the regeneration of a new, trustworthy
and even friendly matrix takes place. The individual feels subjectively safe. He is emotionally connected and experiences
no separation, no splitting or fragmentation. He doesn’t feel isolated, separate or alone because—in a real way—he is
connected, bonded, safe, “at-one-with,” at home. The Indian
guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, calls this feeling “mother is
at home.” Any and every emotionally healthy, whole person
has this subjective sense and is an integrator—able to fuse
the opposites of his personality (and resolve outer splits
and seeming contradictions) into a unified whole. He is able
to do this because he has done it within himself.”
   Marsha Sinetar, “Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics,” pages 160-1


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a “Great Seer” and spiritual teacher

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Behold the fresh day.
Behold the Savior within.
Behold the new call.

Move with peaceful grace.
Move through the day awakened.
Move with a light step.

No haste here—ever.
When you stay in your Essence,
Life’s river is smooth.

The secret of life
centers on steadfast welcome
of joyful presence.

In time, roses unfold.
Surrender all to God’s Heart.
Relaxed mind, body.

See how the inside
becomes the outer landscape.
See the Holy Face.

Your own soul rhythm
is as natural as breath.
Planets are the same.



Spiritual power moulds physical and material conditions,
but spiritual power is never in a hurry.
You want things to happen immediately,
but God never hurries. There is all
eternity in which to work and live and be joyful!
White Eagle, The Quiet Mind

Don’t be in a hurry about spiritual matters.
Go step by step, and be very sure.
When the time is ripe, the opportunity
will be given to you to do work
which the Master has planned for you.
White Eagle, The Quiet Mind

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Angel rays of Sun.
Silently raven cruises by.
Great pearls evident.

Rich in Nature’s gifts.
Soft morn flows into serene
day of holy grace.


Every object and event in nature is a
masterful stroke of the Great Painter.
Paramahansa Yogananda


Train yourself to behold beauty in many forms…
Look always for that light, that beauty.
Beautiful form is a manifestation of God and
all Godlike qualities. But until that beauty has
a correspondence in the beholder it does not exist.
Within you lies the beauty and the power to behold
and also to manifest beauty.
White Eagle, Walking with the Angels

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Concentrate on matter and you see everything
in terms of matter. But as soon as you lift up your
consciousness to the state of divine awareness,
you see the oceanic current of God’s light
flowing behind all matter.
You see everything in terms of Spirit.
Paramahansa Yogananda, another Sainted One

For each of us, as we move along our life’s path, “dark nights” of the soul can come in many forms and degrees of magnitude. A strenuous “dark night” can occur, as an example, during the process of coming to terms with and letting go of one stage of life, or similarly when we decide to relinquish a beloved home we’ve lived in for many years to make a fresh start. We are betwixt and between, uncomfortable and easily agitated. The ground beneath us feels non-firm and uncertain. The way ahead is shrouded. We take a leap of faith only to discover our sails of trust have not as yet set us down in the new terrain where our evolutionary compass will again seem apparent.

Letting go and allowing are an integral part of every “dark night,” no matter its depth or length. We are called to relinquish something—to open space so our consciousness can be filled with greater awareness. Here, we must undergo a natural process of grief, with its unique convolutions and crises, while it has its way with us. It cannot be denied, lest we brace ourselves for grief’s inevitable, harsher backlash. It is far wiser to approach these unknown, shadowy, dark mists with courage and enter them to confront the internal demons waiting there. Only along this painful path of soul hardship and growth toward spiritual maturity do we come face to face with our human self in order to recognize our many ego attachments and identifications, wayward weaknesses, and sterling strengths.


Most of us recall the era of the iconically popular “Star Wars” movies. Armed with useless weapons for the task, Luke Skywalker, as part of his extensive training to become a Jedi Knight, had to enter the cave of darkness. Submerged in his fear, he expected to encounter an outer “enemy,” only to find that when he triumphed and had struck done the black-caped presence, it secreted his face behind the mask. According to the spiritual teacher, White Eagle, even our own “guardian angel,” out of love for us, can occasionally appear shrouded in darkness to help us learn that all is of the Light!


An entire body of “readings” and teachings on the self meeting the Self was produced by Edgar Cayce, the famous “sleeping prophet.” He possessed a natural gift to lie down peacefully on a couch and enter what appeared to be a sleeping state but was actually a trance. From this state of subconscious receptivity, he was given a question from someone who was usually not present but who sought his urgent help, most often about health issues and various personal challenges.

A central theme upon which Cayce counseled individuals was the psychological and spiritual unavoidability—in some lifetime—of bravely, directly, honestly meeting our outer or egoic self and the real effects or consequences of what we have set in motion, whether in the current life or a prior life. Only in this sincerely naked state of “initiation” can we approach, in full humility, the ultimate process of compassion, first for our little self and then as a widening circle that includes all persons and forms of life. Thus, does our purified soul become emancipated!

The British philosopher, James Allen, termed this higher level of courage Divine fearlessness, which he said consists first in “fearlessly attacking and overcoming the enemies within one’s own mind instead of the enemies without and secondly characterized by an entirely new method of conduct towards others… and the courage to be serenely silent when attacked, abused, or slandered.”1 This “New Courage” is a higher form of being and responding wherein we reach toward those transcendent levels of functioning, personified for us by the Master Jesus’ ordeal when he did not retaliate, resist, or offer a word in his own self-defense when interrogated by Pontius Pilate, all of which sealed his destiny of being crucified. His awe-inspiring example is a magnificent model for those of us seeking to master the fear-filled, human self.

Saint John’s “Dark Night of the Soul”


The well-known Saint John of the Cross, in his mystical poem, Dark Night of the Soul, puts forth this main idea, through its rich imagery and symbolism, that every journey of the soul involves the endurance of intense experiences (on whatever level) as we seek reunion with our divine essence and the Essence of the Divine. His setting for this “purgation” of soul suffering is nighttime, wherein we encounter the devastation and desolation within. Thus, stripped of all attachments to the outer world, we finally surrender and then witness the Eternal Light burning within. “The [Divine] fire begins to take hold of the soul in this night of painful contemplation,” wrote Saint John of the Cross. “The understanding is in darkness.”2

No stranger to the dark night himself, John of the Cross wrote his immortal text during this imprisonment at the hands of his own Carmelite brothers, who opposed John’s reformations to the religious Order. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a recent, celebrated example of the spiritual fortitude required to traverse the dark night. For many of us, it was an eye-opening revelation to learn about the depth and length of her horrendous suffering, especially in light of the stainless model of total faith and trust in God she humbly exemplified while in the public spotlight of scrutiny.


According to letters released in 2007, hers “may be the most extensive such case on record,” lasting from 1948 almost until her death in 1997, with only brief interludes of relief.3 Franciscan Friar Father Benedict Groeschel, a friend of Mother Teresa for most of her life, claims that “the darkness left” only towards the end of her life.4 Despite their individual purgatories, contemplatives, mystics, and others like John and Teresa perceive the dark night as the ultimate path of soul purification—letting go of all that is materially oriented, thus transitory and unreal—in order for their consciousness to be “reborn” and illuminated with the supreme Light of God. They embark on this ultimate course out of a true, burning love for God, having answered His invitation to approach and be reunited.5

While St. John of the Cross’ “Dark Night” symbolizes specifically the spiritual journey (which has since has been used generally as a metaphor), a parallel theory was developed in the field of psychology by a Polish psychiatrist, Kazimierz Dąbrowski, to explain essentially the same process of personal growth within the psyche as consciousness expands. A devoted clinician and academician, Dabrowski’s novel approach to personality development is called the “Theory of Positive Disintegration.” No stranger to the depth of soul suffering, he experienced his own, severe dark night through his life experiences and the obstacles he faced, due in part to the fact that his work went against the grain of the materially-minded mainstream not only within the field of humanistic psychology but also amidst the political atmosphere of Poland in the 1950’s and 60’s.6

He was a boy who grew up in the devastating aftermath of World War I, and his best friend committed suicide in the 1920’s, while they were attending college. This tragic event propelled him to study mental health, where he earned both a doctorate in medicine and psychology. Dabrowski was captured during World War II and incarcerated by the Germans and later imprisoned again, along with his wife, when Stalin controlled Poland. He was exposed to unimaginable horrors, which revealed the lowest depravity of humans, but also to magnificent heroic acts, similar to what fellow psychologist, Victor Frankl, endured in the Nazi concentration camps.7

Within Dąbrowski’s theoretical framework, psychological tension and anxiety are necessary processes toward psychological maturity and such potentially “disintegrative” states as sadness, self-doubt, inner turmoil and conflict, isolation, and suffering are viewed as purposeful, positive, and evolutionary. Rather than labeling these as some sort of psychoneurosis, this sort of symptomology was the seedbed of psychic richness in order for an individual to become conscious of their own psychological development through growing self-awareness. He described the real therapy as “auto-psychotherapy,” where an individual becomes responsive to their true inner self—the self meeting the Self—through long-term self-examination of their interior environment.

Dąbrowski concluded that without such an intense and painful introspection and reflection whereby all internal conflict is eliminated, the discovery of higher levels of being is unlikely. Furthermore, an individual would likely not function at the highest level of expressing their unique and autonomous personality and ideals. Eventually, for those steadfast souls who attain this highest level of Self-integration and self-forgetting, their energies are focused outward on creating a better world for all life, much like their own unique version of a Mother Teresa, however small or large their work and tasks.

In spite of the emotional agony and inner fallowness, dark night of the soul episodes are indeed highly purposeful and open us out to the larger world of Spirit and the real life that far exceeds the bounds of our personality, ego, competitive pursuits, and worldly conditioning.


Let us rejoice in our “dark nights” and be glad for the testing and strengthening of our soul! Herein do we meet our Divine Self…

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Here I am TRY-ing
to insert my Spirit cord
in an outer plug.

Disharmony rises
when I split the One to two,
perceiving limits.

Notice, allow this—
the moment as it appears.
Love it; smile kindly.

Illusion dissolves
with harmony the background
from the Beginning.

Here I am BE-ing
continuously recharged
by inner outlets.

Darkness doesn’t exist
as Pure Light reigns Absolute.
Preying mantis suns.


On the lotus leaf of your life is trembling the dewdrop
of God’s consciousness. Realize that!
Find the connection between the dewdrop
and its Infinite Source and you shall find Him.
Paramahansa Yogananda, awakened Master

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fall Buddha


The secret of health for both mind and body
is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future,
but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.
Gautama Buddha


You can search throughout the entire universe for someone
who is more deserving of your love and affection than you
are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere.
You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love and affection.
Gautama Buddha


If your compassion does not include yourself,
it is incomplete.
Gautama Buddha


Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self.
Gautama Buddha


No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path.
Gautama Buddha


There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.
Gautama Buddha


Your purpose in life is to find your purpose
and give your whole heart and soul to it.
Gautama Buddha


However many holy words you read,
however many you speak, what good will they do you
if you do not act on upon them?
Gautama Buddha


Live purely.
Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon,
come out from behind the clouds!
Gautama Buddha


“The Victory of Buddha” in his Self-Mastery

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Buddha photo with fall leaves © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photo of “The Victory of Buddha” gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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We can’t think our way
to health, wealth, a mate, friends, joy.
A quick fix at best.

No affirmations,
vision boards, heavy effort
can win the result.

Perpetual wealth
is a state of consciousness
with no start or end.

Mystics are serene.
Taking no thought for life’s needs.
Autumn leaves glisten.


The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth across the
doorsill where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep!
Rumi, Sufi mystic and poet

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Haiku poem and autumn leaves photo © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photo of world’s currency gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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