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The universe is preserved because Love is at the
heart of it. Love is the only preservative power.
James Allen, British philosopher

Last Friday, March 11, a new 7-year planetary cycle began when Uranus, the planet of unexpected alterations and shocks, entered Aries, the sign associated with new beginnings and sheer life force. Uranus can be the bringer of sudden and unpredictable happenings, those that are cataclysmic, the result of which may be massive devastation, upheaval, and grievous suffering. When Uranus steps profoundly into the picture, what was a moment earlier sunshine and daylight can turn into the darkness of uncertainty and terror, of indescribable pain, and extreme conditions of hardship.

This macrocosmic, planetary change—As above—had its startling correspondence on the microcosmic, earthly level—So below—when Japan was hit with the monstrous 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

In a matter of those few hours, the world had changed irrevocably. As the physical, mental, and emotional waves traveled around the globe, most of us experienced our own massive degree of shock waves in disbelief and then in an utter reaching out to the people, animals, and the land of Japan, and to all the as-yet-countless individuals who lost their lives so quickly from one breath to the next.

The Global Heart of Endless Compassion was instantly activated.

Several days later, the world grapples with the magnitude of the disruption and devastation, which is only amplified by the heightened crises at multiple nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant on the coastline of Japan. Even the Japanese people have no real conceivable idea at this point of all that has been destroyed, of where many of their family members and friends may be, and to what they may have to endure in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

As resources and specialists are mobilizing in readiness in many parts of our world to travel to Japan, The Global Heart is also engaged in readiness to serve where each of us may be the most effective.

What many of us can do in the present moment is to maintain a calm and quiet mind and thereby be of tremendous assistance not only to the subtle, Energetic Gird of Earth but also to the people of Japan and all the relief workers who will flood into their country. Our steady, strong, tranquil, and loving thoughts and prayers will be of immense support in the days and weeks ahead as the Global Community comes together. This serenity and peace of heart is the priceless gift we can offer personally and collectively, recognizing as well that in any outward suffering or catastrophe there is a inward compensation of mercy and love from the Divine Heart.

Quick-acting Uranus, the agent of explosive and surprising events, is also the planet of evolution, awakening, and enlightenment. Perhaps the enormity of unrest and chaos that humanity is currently enduring, both in human-created civil wars and geological/weather upsurges, are in part related to the fundamental reconstruction that we as a species must either consciously chose to embrace or have it come to us from the “outside.”

The Global Heart can point us toward a steady, progressive, conscious evolution that is fostered by kindly goodwill and sincere collaboration among all people and all nations. Let us be of One Common Heart to do all we can within the silence and light of our own hearts and also actively on the physical level to come together, hand in hand, in glad cooperation and service to the people, animals, and land of Japan. As we do it for another in each loving thought, word, and gesture, it too is done unto us, said the great Master.


There is one definite purpose in life and that is progress
[to a higher level or higher vibrational state]; what appears
to be retrogression is only a form of ultimate progress.
White Eagle


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