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It’s a perfect moment to present the Part of Fortune. In an astrological chart, it is a point that tends to bring or bear good fortune in the form of substance, though the context of the chart determines to what degree it actually may be favorable. Since last July, Jupiter in Taurus has linked twice with ease and harmony to Pluto in Capricorn, both stabilizing Earth signs, a supportive influence whose entire cycle will last through March 2012. Confidence, optimism, personal empowerment, focused accomplishment, creative productivity, compassionate generosity, prosperity, and spiritual transformation are potential effects of Jupiter’s highly beneficial interactions with Pluto over the course of almost a year.

In a brief aside, a descriptive example of the power and success of Jupiter/Pluto contacts in a natal chart is that of Bill Gates. He has Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house of earning capacity and financial standing—the money sector of the chart. He was a billionaire before he turned 31! Jupiter is an increasing force and Pluto can signify enormous riches, since its name comes from plutos, the Greek word for “wealth.” Combined, they show the generosity and gold-lined pockets of Bill Gates wherein he has philanthropically shared his huge fortune toward a better life for many around the globe. He also has the Part of Fortune in optimistic Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the god of profusion sharing his divine blessings.

Earlier this month, when self-initiating Mars entered Virgo (the final Earth sign), it connected first to expansive Jupiter, now traveling retrograde, and then to evolutionary Pluto, further heightening self-assurance and the great individual and collective possibilities of this time frame. A few days ago, Venus flowed into the energetic field of the Earth Grand Trine when she moved into Capricorn. Venus is the power to attract and draw things together into a synthesis or unity, so the ability to attract substance, material benefits, and rewards is enormous! The power of attraction and potential to manifest our long-held desires shoots to the top of the scale when Venus melds with Pluto on December 1 (amplifying the power many fold) and then casts her trine to Mars. There is no better time to attract love, money, or other tangible desires through the power of clarity and focus! The Cosmic Floodgates are uplifting and favoring us incredibly!

Having now passed the shopping frenzy of “Black Friday,” we are nicely within the orb of the celebratory season of the Winter Solstice—when dark and light balance equally—and of the return of the Sun (Son) as Christmas approaches. When we entertain the lively spirit of Christmas within our hearts, any of these feelings might come to mind: innocent delight, happiness, enjoyment, jubilation, festive gaiety, and rejoicing—all Jupiterian themes. Christmas can be an excellent time to reflect on your overall well-being and the good fortune that is right in front of you. To focus on present abundance—whether in health, wealth, or love—that surrounds you serves the good purpose of further increasing it! The secret of living fully is reflected in the measure of joy and love you exude.1

Each day as the Solstice draws nearer is an opportunity to count our blessings not only from the year that is passing and the one ahead but also for the natural good fortune that can be experienced in your life as shown by the Part of Fortune in your astrological birth chart.

Carrying the energy of positive connotation, the Part of Fortune is generally described as the point of beneficial increase, although it must be evaluated within the context of a given chart. It is potentially the most fortunate position in the chart when it is well placed in one of the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house) or in the fortunate 11th house. It is also the most dignified (giving it enhanced strength) when it is placed in Taurus and Pisces, then in any of the signs of Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, and Cancer. When the Part is conjunct (next to) Venus, Jupiter, or the North Node of the Moon or the former two cast a favorable aspect by trine or sextile (easy flowing links of energy), it is considered both strong and fortunate. The Part itself cannot make aspects but only receive them. The final way the Part is enhanced is by conjunction to either Regulus or Spica, two of the potent benefic Fixed Stars.2 However, it is important to remember that any factor in a chart, even this “lucky point,” must be taken within the “gestalt” setting of the chart, for seldom does a single feature signify great consequence of its own.

As one of many Arabic “Parts,” the Part of Fortune is a mathematically calculated, sensitive point (albeit it an imaginary point) that synthesizes the positions of the Sun (Spirit, the giver/sustainer of life), the Moon (builder of form; earthly personality), and the Ascendant (physical body; natural inclinations of the self meeting life)—the three most important points in one’s natal chart. These are the major, defining trio that represents the self/Self and its environmental setting. Thus, these three form the important bedrock of the human personality. When working in harmony, this triad indicates a deepening connection to the Self and the highest Path as outlined in the natal blueprint. These three factors, called the “trinity of awareness,” can actually form 1,728 different combinations among themselves!3

Known as a benefic point of ease, the Part of Fortune symbolizes that fortunate place (or degree) in your chart where there is the greatest harmonious blending of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. It is derived, in a day chart (thus the Sun is in the 7th to 12th houses or above the horizon), by taking the measure (longitude) from the Sun to the Moon and adding this distance to the Ascendant. By night (Sun in the 1st to 6th houses or below the horizon), this same arc is subtracted from the Ascendant. Termed the place of the Moon by 4th century Roman astrologer Firmicus Maternus, this Part projects the Moon’s elongation from the Sun out into the circle of the houses.4 It is thus on the ecliptic the same distance from the eastern horizon as the Moon is from the Sun.5 Put another way, it is a point that bears the same relation to the Rising Degree (Ascendant) that the Moon bears to the Sun.6 Arlene Kramer describes it as a “three-dimensional Sensitive Point in the horoscope.” In more poetic language, it indicates the place where the Moon would be at the symbolic sunrise.

This favorable place of harmony in the chart is normally where your true nature appears to shine most radiantly. The Sun sign tends to describe your core self or essential identity, which makes you unique in your own right. The sign of the Moon—the receptive complement to the Sun and embodiment of the feminine principle—is the emotional side of the consciousness and shows how you meet your deepest needs for support, nurturing, and a sense of belonging. Taken together, the “Lights” are the primary planets that reflect the individual’s psyche. The sign of the Ascendant is related to how you present yourself to the outer world, as well as to your physical body and health. It is often described as your “front door” or the persona or style you most characteristically express outwardly. It is the anchor point in the chart, where there is a laser focus on individual expression. The Solar-Lunar nature are both experienced and presented through the Ascendant.

Taken as a dynamic triad, the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant reveal an abundance of information about you, what could be described as your own distinct astrological signature. When you’re humming along, using the highest energies of these three Cosmic ingredients in an integrated way, life will tend to fall magically into place and rewards or benefits on the various levels of being are the consequence. As a unified expression of these essential three, the Part of Fortune comes into play to open the door to an innate climate of success, to an internal sense or quality of wholeness and abundance. It also can be indicative of one’s profession or vocation as it relates to wealth. That said, this inner and outer pot of potential gold, where dreams are fulfilled, is the result of conscious intent and nurtured application!

On a printed astrological chart, the Part of Fortune is depicted as an “X” within a circle. Originally, this Part (Pars Fortunae in Latin) was the same symbol as that of Earth: the equal-sided cross within the circle, which ideally indicates attainment in worldly affairs. It is also an ancient Chinese symbol Tien, meaning a field, and for the Egyptians it signified territory.7 In the teachings of White Eagle, this is a sacred symbol showing the cross of matter within the world of form encompassed by the circle of Divine Spirit. In addition, this oldest known symbol is both an archetypal image and one that is common to all civilizations. White Eagle tells us that the evolutionary meaning of the cross is a symbol denoting sacrifice, service, and consequent joy. It represents the innermost Self, progressing within the confines of a given incarnation to achieve psychological and spiritual wholeness. The Ageless Wisdom further suggests that as each of us carries our own cross steadfastly up the symbolic hill of Calvary (Golgotha) to the heights, then and only then, does the Master soul come forth out of the Cross. By the Cross is truly the Way! Thus does the spiritual fragrance of the Rose permeate the life.

Accordingly, it is fitting that the symbol of the Part of Fortune depicts the ideal integration of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, which is generally a promise of the outpouring of blessing, joy, and fortune. This is the inner realization of calm joyousness in boundless prosperity in whatever way you define wealth. In electional charts, ‘Fortuna’ in the house of the matter (the primary subject of the elected matter) tends to improve that house, while in a horary chart this Part can typically identify a place where something is gained or where matters are likely to improve. In a natal chart, Fortuna’s position by house (a specific area of life, like profession or partnerships) is generally an indication of the department of life that is most congenial to the financial welfare and hence success of the individual.

A Chart Example

It might be helpful to give an example of what the Part of Fortune can reveal by sign (qualities, traits, or activities) and house. In my own natal chart, the Part of Fortune is in Cancer. The receptive Moon is the ruler of home and family-oriented Cancer, suggesting I am likely to experience the most success and joy from Moon-related activities. Intuitive Cancer is a tender, feeling energy, where the giving of warmth and closeness in nurturing roles and receiving nurturance is highly valued. For me, expressing the caring, sympathetic, devotional qualities of Cancer bring joy and a sense of fulfillment. Cancer also has much to do with “motherliness” and the “birthing” process generally. New births and beginnings of many sorts can be sources of happiness. Creating a secure and beautiful nest in order to have a strong feeling of rootedness makes my heart sing! Consciously working with Cancer energy is the key for me to integrate my individuality (Sun), emotional nature (Moon), and how I package myself and “put on a face” to interact with the outer world (Ascendant).

The Part of Fortune in Cancer is in my 11th house of friends, colleagues, long-term goals and visions, network of allies, and group service. Esoterically, this house is associated with the New Group of World Servers, such as those who are drawn to healing and spiritual organizations like the White Eagle Lodge or to an altruistic/humanitarian project like Habitat for Humanity. This implies that my greatest benefits and success are derived from 11th house types of activities and endeavors. Additionally, in my chart there is a harmonious tie-in between the Part of Fortune in the 11th house (Aquarius’ natural house) and the Moon in Aquarius in the 6th house of work, service, and small pets. This house also governs processes of self-transmutation that alter and improve the self toward a greater feeling of competence and usefulness to others.

Any sort of progressive “Aquarian” and sensitive “Lunar” activities, such as helping to prepare the noon meal at our local Soup Kitchen, astrological counseling, my White Eagle Lodge work of service and healing, nurturing myself in the garden tending to our plant “children,” or cooking nutritious meals for close friends—who tend to become my circle of family—are what truly bring joy and a sense of prosperity. Moreover, free-spirited Uranus, a co-ruler of Aquarius, is conjunct the Part of Fortune, residing in the house it naturally rules! With the potency of Uranus increased triply (and mutually receptive with the Moon), this speaks to an even greater than normal dose of the characteristics of independence, originality, idealism, inventiveness, and innovation attributed to the friendly, progressive Uranian/Aquarian temperament. Computer savvy and an inclination toward scientific technology are signified as potential aptitudes and natural gifts. I ought to be adept at waltzing to my own tune and looking at the world with new eyes and in new ways!

Through the natural inclinations shown by the Part of Fortune, each of us can work toward becoming a more integrated, whole person able to tap into a source of inner wealth and manifest it in outer ways of happiness and success. Remember, we simply externalize our self. The internal seed becomes the rose in full blossom. Since, at some level, we are innately drawn to what this treasure of wealth represents, the chances are you have already dipped into your own “pot of gold” suggested by the Part of Fortune in your birth chart.

Think of Fortuna as your portal of potential grace, since the Italian goddess of destiny—Fortuna—was the first-born daughter of Jupiter, benevolent god of generosity and abundance.8 The Latin derivation of her name signifies ‘She who brings,’ the one who bestows fertile growth and increase. What good fortune might she bring you today?


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