Posted by: Zane Maser | October 30, 2010


I daily walk a timeless trek in line
Some days a straight line
Some days the line fits like skin
Some days twelve steps ahead
Some days six steps forward, two backward
Occasionally steps in reverse
Multiple lines stretching ahead and back
Glance sideways, I take a bad fall
One line bears my name.

Always there are lines
Jehovah instructed Moses
Contemplate “I am that I am”
Out of Egyptian bondage he lead his people
He walked the God line
Few there are who find so pure a line
Some join Moses.

Michelangelo saw within a marble block a figure
He released it
He lived to sculpt
Sometimes he painted
Sometimes he designed for others
Sometimes he wrote
No matter, he always returned to the sculpture line
His self-confessed love
His divine lifeline.

Some walk a family line
Sometimes stumbling, bumbling, un-soulfully
An expected line decreed
A line of heritage not embraced sincerely, truthfully
Sad these.

Some see only the line ahead
With dim awareness elsewhere
Eyes cast down
Mindless trudging
Appointed to a funneled choice
Too strong, too narrow
Their skin a certain color
Ethnicity shunned
Religion discounted.

There are countless, glimmering lines
Visible only if seen
Some try line after line
Out of sync
Ejected from incompatible journeying
Others over stay, lacking courage, unfulfilled.

Lines can be deceiving.

Those lines incorrect lure when inner voice unheard, unheeded
Many filled with the monotonous, tramping herd
Pushing, shoving, for better vantage
Deadened to the trek’s purpose.

Some reach a point on their line mid-stride
Tired and weary of rambling
Suddenly opened
They see
Their line no longer obscured
Home at last.

These the fortunate ones.

All can be blessed
And so ordained
One timeless trek theirs divine.

Few born knowing their sacred line
Effortless from the beginning
No hesitation
No meandering
No retracing
Straight to their light-filled destination.

On your ageless trek
A line genuinely yours
You know
No hesitation
Glide forward with ease



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