Posted by: Zane Maser | September 18, 2012


Each plant, each animal, each person has its intrinsic
place of importance and value.

Years ago, my husband, Chris, received an inward instruction. Young in his vocation as a research biologist, the guidance came at a time when he was outwardly frustrated that research results were not being applied in practical, “on the ground” ways to the caretaking of our public lands. There seemed to him to be little, if any, transference from the abstract, intellectual heights down to the useful application and evolving practices toward better land management of our national resources, which is the true wealth of our national inheritance.

Then, the internal instruction came clearly and firmly: You are a farmer with a daily bag of seeds to plant. Plant them well. Your only task is to spread and plant the seeds of ideas. Whether they germinate and grow into something that others perceive as valuable is not your task. You are not to look back or wonder about outcomes or effects. You are to plant your seeds of constructive possibilities today in order for future generations to have more potential options available to sustain the quality of their natural world—the ecological context upon which their lives rest—so that they may also have an environmental legacy to pass on.

First and foremost, we are all a divine seed of the Almighty Spirit. Given the origin we all share, each of us is a farmer or gardener with unique seeds to sow that express our individual nature. We may be planted in different soils, environments, circumstances, but all are holy seeds, created and loved on an equal basis. Each seed is equipped to germinate goodness and purity. Each has a central “food bank” of the same Inner Light.

Not a flower seeds itself, withers, and falls to the ground
without awareness of the one Spirit, source of all life
throughout the Cosmos.

We are planted where we can best encounter the appointed learning and evolutionary growth for this lifetime of experiences. Similar to Chris’s moment of clarity, the particular signposts meant to guide us on our Path are best augmented by the still small voice that speaks in the quietness of our heart center. True to myself, I may be a tiny lavender viola, growing amidst a shaded, more remote area of the garden, emitting the perfume of my soul’s essence. If I were not there, behind the outward scenes, the garden would be diminished spiritually by that quality. I am an integral expression in the landscape, nevertheless, no matter the size of my less visible role. I am part of the One Spiritual Family.

You may be a showy, bright, big, golden sunflower, waving the strength of your stalk and the towering height of your seeded head above all others, apparently catching a greater share of the light. If you were not there, in the front tier of the scenery, the garden would be diminished spiritually by that quality. You are an integral expression in the landscape, likewise, no matter the size of your highly visible role. You are part of the One Spiritual Family.

The Divine Presence in the earthly garden is in the wee viola and the ebullient sunflower. God’s Eye beholds every plant in its complimentary manifestation. God’s Heart loves each one as the pinnacle of perfection it is. God joys in every segment of Its creation. You and I are thus joint heirs to the fullness and completeness of all that the Divine IS and HAS—divine seeds sharing our Selfhood in the Great Spirit. So let us “be here now”—with God.

The greatest praise we can give God is to flower
in all our splendiferous glory.

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  1. Thanks for a beautiful reminder of how we are all part of nature!

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