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In  Heaven, so on Earth. On Earth, so in Heaven.
In Light, so darkness. In darkness, so Light.
In Joy, so sorrow. In sorrow, so Joy.
In giving, so receiving. In receiving, so giving.
In Unity, so duality. In duality, so Unity.
The inner pattern, so the outer. The outer pattern, so the inner.
In the One, so the many. In the many, so the One.

Imagine now, for a few delicious, relaxing moments, that you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. There are beautiful rays of sunlight streaming into the room from a nearby window. The area seems to glow, as you notice it is lit up by something more than simply the light. You sense and almost “see” the special essence, the inner radiance of the light.

In ancient times, when people saw the Sun in the sky, they perceived and worshipped it as a symbol of their Divine Creator and a daily physical fact of His Existence. In some of the early astrological horoscopes from Greece, the Sun—signifying the greater or real self—in the chart was referred to simply as god.1 The word for God and Sun were an interchangeable pair once upon a time.

These ancients knew the outer, visible light carried within it an invisible quality of spiritual sunlight that gave them not only physical vitality, health, and restorative healing, should they be in need of it, but also the spiritual sustenance that made life possible. The subtle light behind the light was revered as the sacred substance that created and animated all life. Theirs was a way of life in continual relationship with Spirit.

The heaven declare the Glory of God; and the firmament
showeth his handywork.
Psalm 19:1

While we are in the physical realm, we have a subtle, energetic signature, which has been described as a “vibratory or energy matrix imprint.” Every particle, every atom in the Universe carries the imprint of the Creator in the form of a pure spiritual counterpart. We, too, are exquisite creators! This imprint is the frequency of God and is the living Light of God being expressed outward—God glimpsing God in every speck of Creation, whether a stone, plant, animal, person, mountain, or galaxy.

My friend, Linda, who “reads” vibratory signatures, told me that crows have an astoundingly gorgeous energy pattern within their being. So, crows have a characteristic imprint as crows, unlike another species. But each individual is also utterly unique in its contribution to its species and the Bigger Picture. Each piece, each individual is entirely necessary and cannot in any way be replaced. Its function and service completes and enhances the ultimate harmony of God. Its ideal purpose is to create beauty within its soul and in the surrounding environment.

All life is governed by Universal Laws, from the microscopic—the lesser mysteries of our own being—to the macroscopic—the mysteries of the Cosmo. God’s immaculate design and complementary premise is that the Spiritual becomes the physical of the everyday world and the physical becomes Spiritual. Celestial Harmony becomes commonplace harmony, apprehended from within and lived outwardly. Another way to say this is, as explained by Caroline Myss, that “all material things have a symbolic counterpart in the archetypal realm that imbues each physical object or force with meaning.”

Because we are, at ALL times, connected to the Divine, we can access inwardly this broader spectrum of life, the Living Word or the First Great Cause, if you will. After his journey through the Light and back to earth in his near-death experience, Mellon-Thomas Benedict affirms: “Everything is the great Self. That is why God knows even when a leaf falls. That is possible because wherever you are is the center of the universe. Wherever any atom is, that is the center of the universe.”2 What Benedict witnessed during his out-of-body journey was the image of the galaxy as “a fantastic city of lights in its total energy configuration.”

In the Teachings of Abraham™, he describes our physical world as extensions of “non-physical Source Energy.”3 In other words, we are replicated versions or extensions of a Divine, perfected signature, albeit one that is continually expanding and evolving even on the level of God. Unity prevails in the Cosmos, rather than separateness, and connectedness is our essential nature. Abraham goes on to suggest explicitly that, “we radiate that which we are, vibrationally.” If, for example, we are feeling love, we vibrate love. We either elevate or lower the magnificent Universe! Others who match our pattern of energy or “like intent” congregate together, much like our own energetic Tribe.

Take a snowflake. In the countless numbers that have ever existed, no two have ever been the same, yet each is clearly a snowflake. Every snowflake contains the inner signature of Divinity but also a unique vibratory signature belonging solely to it. Not any being of greater or lesser importance, each glorious flake of snow makes its sole contribution to the Whole. None other can fill that vibratory slot or create its singular, dazzling beauty. Every sparkling flake reveals the inner holy SunLight where God dwells. It brings Heaven to Earth and shines Earth to Heaven.

The six-pointed Star is composed of two equilateral triangles, one pointing upward, the other downward. The two become one interpenetrating Star of perfect poise and balance. Divine Spirit shines down while our human heart aspires upward. The Higher, inner level merges with the lower, outer level. These two balancing forces—the supposed dualities—form the basis of all life, some of which are: male/female, positive/negative, light/darkness, giving/receiving, absorbing/radiating, aspiring/inspiring, spiritual/physical, invisible/visible, godly/demonic, Higher Self/lower self, and the Golden Temple above/the earthly temple below.

In our journeying through many lifetimes, every soul will one day blend these seemingly opposing positive and negative aspects of their being to become the shining Star. The center of the Star is the Heart Chakra, wherein is located the spiritual jewelthe One True Light. This is the shimmering light from God, from the Sun that radiates in every heart. It illumines the entire earth. Heaven is here.

Return now, for a few delicious, relaxing moments, to standing in front of that full-length mirror. There are beautiful rays of sunlight streaming into the room from a nearby window. The area seems to glow, as you notice it is lit up by something more than simply the outer light. Take a long, deep look into the mirrors. Now you know who you really are.

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1. Olivia Barclay. 1990. Horary Astrology Rediscovered. Whitford Press. Page 72.

2. To go to Mellon-Thomas Benedict’s website, go to the Spiritual Resources category in the right-hand bar and click on the link.

3. Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). 2004. Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. Hay House, Inc.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2011. Photo of crow from WikiCommons. Photo of snowflake © by Chris and Zane Maser, 2011. The silver Star © White Eagle Lodge, 2011. All rights reserved worldwide.

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