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A slow, ordered path, taken quietly, is best.
When you are tempted to rush about,
pull yourself up, be still…
White Eagle

An idea passed through my quiet mind this morning during those fertile few moments—in the liminal space—between sleep and awakening. The idea is to take a word—a worthy word—and for an hour’s time, let my mind stream in free association and write what surfaces.

Psychologically speaking, as Mr. Webster’s Dictionary defines it, free association is “a psychoanalytic technique in which a patient’s articulation of free associations is encouraged in order to reveal unconscious thoughts and emotions, such as traumatic experiences that have been repressed.”1 This method is meant to be an unrestrained, unplanned, non-linear, non-sequential flow of any ideas, feelings, words, stories, images, dreams, or symbols that come spontaneously into consciousness.

The psyche, in its new-found freedom, leads where we are most meant to go as our mind relaxes and the process deepens, often into terrain that is the darker, scarier parts of our mental basements—places many of us seldom, if ever, enter. This is where intuitive faculties are best unleashed and spiritual insights are unearthed. This is our hidden gold that releases us from blockages of energy and constrictions in our personality and life.

The word of the unstructured moment for me is PEACE. If you want to try it, see what “word” your psyche has for you to explore and what you may self-discover. Here’s how my experiment turned out during my hour:

• Peace within, peace without.

• The more peace I feel, the more peace I feel.

• War, conflict, argument, blame are varying degrees of dis-ease or in-harmony projected outward onto an “external” enemy. All enemies are first within. So, the only solution is to get back inside my self!

• If I could experience utter peace, I would be like St. Francis, attracting a circle of fearless animal friends. The birds would sit on my shoulders or rest on my hands, so safe would they feel. The big cats could rub against my leg in feline affection. No fear would be sent from me in any direction, so any and all animals—and people—can approach in total trust and thus comfort.

• We can all be such a center of peace.

• Begin the peaceful step within. Finish it without in world peace.

• Peace is the deep soul lesson of the lifetime for anyone born with the Sun in a Water sign, which are the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

• Peace is my soul lesson for this lifetime.

• In peace, the entire circuitry of my body rests. My thoughts are quiet, emotions serene, blood pressure tranquil in its restful passage of circulation.

• The lack of peace signifies a fractured state, like the fragmented pieces of me, each trying to assert their own rhythm but together it’s a chaotic soup.

• Chaos can be the precursor for breakdown on some level. If enough chaos happens, it can eventually create the space, when enough things fall down around my head, for the dawn of peace.

• God said, “Let there be peace.” And everybody took a much-needed break.

• The vibration of peace is a balm of healing that can be poured on troubled waters.

• The language of peace is the language of love.

• If my energy field is one of peace, no harm of any sort can befall me. No harm do I create.

• Harmlessness is peace. Peace offers no harm.

• “The Course in Miracles” teaches all about peace. “I am the peace of God,” is an affirmation of true beingness from it.

• The degree of my reactivity is the measure of my lack of inner peace. A response is another measure. With the former, I’m out of the verbal starting blocks before I know it. I can be shattering in this state and shatter others unbeknownst to them as my muck hits them. With the latter, there isn’t even a racetrack.

• Peace is an inner responsibility.

• Peace is an inner attainment.

• Peace is a lasting gift I give to myself.

• Peace is a legacy I give to the world.

• A Cooper hawk family has moved into the trees surrounding our home. I fear for the young scrub jays who live in our arbovitae hedge, the wee pair that I’ve come to love very much and feed. Peace has left my heart temporarily. Does fear help the jays survive? Does my fearful state help me?

• I’ve prayed a lot this week about the jays and hawks, talking to God. In my fear-based reactions, I must think God is deaf! How many times do I have to order up the same prayer? God heard me the first time!

• Is prayer synonymous with peace?

• When there are no ripples on the surface of our bird bath, the wind is at peace.

• When the wind and water harmonize in repose, Heaven is reflected.

• If you were offered $5,000,000 or unending peace for the rest of your life, which would you leap to choose?

• There is a round table with 24 chairs. Each person invited to attend this council brings to the table his or her own predominant mental state. What state would you bring to the table if the meeting happened today? Think deeply about this. Would it be peace? Do you feel there is the rare individual in today’s world who could bring a significant measure of peace to the table? How would this person’s gift of peace affect the others?

• How many individuals in the world today can you think of who are mentors or models of peace? Can you come up with a name of a person and would those names number on fingers of both your hands? On one hand? Are there any exemplars of peace out there?

• A Mother Teresa, a Gandhi, or the Dalai Lama, whether they are alive today or not, their energy of peace and cooperation is a vibration of harmony and love that endures for all of us. What am I doing today to add to that collective pool of peaceful energy?

• To be powerful and add to the world in positive ways is to be a beacon of peace and hope. Power and empowerment are good attributes too.

• There is a peace that is not of this world. A peace so complete whereby everything dissolves. It is indescribable. Words cannot touch it. Have you ever experienced it?

• Peace is a barometer of health.

• Would we need a Peace Corps if every person on this planet were truly self-governing? If inner peace reigned supreme in the hearts of all, what Corps would we need? The Corps of Enlightenment? The Corps for the Good of All?

• There is no trust without peace. Peace, thus eternal safety and security, is the inner structure upon which trust rests.

• Peace is the currency of God. Love is what it buys.

• If everyone offered a hand of cooperation and peace, how fast would the overwhelming magnitude of challenges in our world be solved and resolved?

• Withdrawing from the outer world, we enter the silence. In silence, peace is available. In peaceful retreat, silence arises.

• Peace has to be “known” inwardly by each person in the tranquility of the heart. It is not a belief. It cannot be given. We have to open to and apprehend its Omnipresence.

• Peace is most assuredly a piece of the Promised Land.

• The word Jerusalem names a city. The word pertains to a higher level or “golden” state of consciousness as well: a place of peace where light and love abide.

• We reflect the true, divine, heavenly life to the extent of our internal calm, serenity, stillness, silence, and peace.

• Placid peace is a positive state. It is good medicine for the nerves and heart! Try a healthy dose of it!

• Only Divine peace. Only God’s peace.

• Now stand firm ~~ in the center of peace profound.


Okay, the time is up for my illuminating process of mind freedom. Care to join me in your own free association experiment? I can guarantee you that it is well worth every minute of such a stream of consciousness hour!

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  1. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000. Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009.


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