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Although the Full Moon (at 27-28º Scorpio and the Sun at 27-28º Taurus) has officially culminated at 4:09 am PDT this morning, today and the days ahead are wonderfully blessed with an expansive radiance of Heavenly Light. In Eastern tradition, this powerful spiritual event is the Wesak Festival of the Lord Buddha, when each of us, in our own capacity, may experience a growing level of “awakening,” since the name Buddha literally signifies “one who is awake.” It is as well a collective event of great importance, because Buddha’s lasting message and legacy is one of peace, compassion, wisdom, and unity—for all life unto the tiniest organism. He lived to alleviate suffering.

What we inflict in thought and word,
we must endure ourselves.
Always, in all ways, love one another. Love life.

Occurring at a time when the beautiful influence of Venus is present (ruler of the Sun in Taurus), Wesak was the name given for the annual, holy convergence of the Buddha, the Lord Christ, and the great hierarchy of Masters. They meet, on the inner level, in the sacred “Wesak Valley” high in the Himalayas when the Scorpio Full Moon peaks, the time that has always been associated with the earthly birth of Buddha, and for some Buddhists, also his enlightenment and physical death.

The entire earth—every “material” atom—is positively touched from the emanations of Spiritual Life Force sent forth from this vast ceremony of the Great Ones and from those who are able to raise their consciousness to participate with them. This Full Moon, in particular, carries heightened illumination to move individuals and the world toward greater harmony.

These inward, Divine festivals occur where there is
no time or distance, and by entering the stillness
within the heart, anyone can truly experience
the spiritual communion from such a holy event
and be blessed with a deep peace of mind.

In many cultures around the globe, this most revered Buddhist festival is outwardly celebrated with great joy, color, decoration, and dancing. The people of Thailand, for instance, craft special lanterns of wood and paper and frequently release caged birds during large Wesak ceremonials. Buddhists in many countries pray and chant at local temple services, bringing special gifts of flowers, candles, and food for the monks.

Offerings are also left on altars and statues of Buddha, while others pour water over the shoulders of a statue to perform “Bathing the Buddha” ceremonies. This is meant to serve not only as a sign of respect and gratitude for the life and teachings of Buddha but also to cleanse and purify people’s minds of ignorance, disharmony, greed, and hatred. Celebrations in China often include their traditional dancing dragons.1

During the highly energized Wesak Moon, referred to by Julia Bondi as the “spiritual high point of the year,” our souls have the opportunity to review the prior year and prepare for the upcoming year.2 While in the immediate orb of this festival, there is a tense interaction of the Sun/Full Moon polarity in Taurus/Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces. Both Neptune and Pisces further augment the beautiful, spiritual signature of this Festival of Buddha. Neptune and Pisces, at their best, signify compassion, peace, forgiveness, faith, bliss, and the oneness of life here and beyond. Perhaps this year, the Buddha’s gracious, all-enfolding “robe of peace” includes an even greater blessing and hope-filled promise for today into the future. Plus, the powerful conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Mars (as well as the Sun) in steady, patient Taurus serves to ground this outpouring of abundant Heavenly Food here on this earthly level of life.

Stop for a moment to quiet the mind

It is best if you read the next paragraphs in a slow, harmonious cadence. This will enhance and enfold you in the Buddha’s golden aura of perfect harmony wherein you can worship and commune with all those partaking in the Wesak Festival, as well as receive the uplifting Spiritual Rays from this holy time.

Take a few moments now, if you will, to withdraw your consciousness from the haste-filled outer world to the still sanctuary within your own heart center wherein the sweet note of tranquility is ever present. As best you are able, breath a little more deeply, gently and allow all the thoughts and cares of the outer life to move out of your inner space.

You are taking a small break to experience the Buddhist notion of surrendering all personal desires and to cease your normal, continuous activity. Somewhere inside of you a familiar, soft voice tells you that one of the principle ways Buddha taught was by demonstrating simply “being” in the eternal present moment. The purity of his life and attainment came not from endless “doing,” but rather from showing us how to be awake in the now. Gazing at a flower can be the vehicle for enlightenment.

As your awareness gradually deepens, the silence within you grows. You sense an underlying peace and calm, the peace of eternity. It is always available for you within this inner soul temple. Feel that you are moving closer and closer, more deeply into that place of total and serene stillness, the only place you will find your true self and know the meaning of Love. At this opportune time of the Full Moon, you can experience the perfect balance and blending of the material and spiritual levels of life—as all opposites (like the Sun and Moon) merge into an all-encompassing Whole.

With your consciousness raised above concerns of the earthly level, you are able to see with your inner eyes of Spirit, to open your inner vision. You realize, as never before, that all answers you seek are within you. Imagine now that you have entered a peaceful garden that feels so very familiar and comfortable. You walk to join a large gathering of people and comfortably seat yourself in a chair amongst the others. In the center is a still pool of azure water. An exquisite white lotus rests on the surface, the flower of the Lord Buddha, the symbol of inward stillness and renunciation of outer worldly claims.

Take a few moments, sitting quietly in the restorative, heavenly Sunlight, to meditate on the gift of this glorious flower. You feel your heart opening to the pure white petals, each gently radiating the full spectrum of healing colors. One petal in particular draws you to it. Its color is one that totally resonates with your being on the deepest cellular level. As its healing vibrations renew and strengthen every atom of your being, you are within the golden heart of the lotus.

You are aware of the grace and presence of the Lord Buddha and all the Masters, of the Divine Essence of life. A realization dawns that you are the persons sitting beside you, and they are you. You suddenly know, like the Buddha after his enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi tree, that all life, all beings carry the Divine spark within and are thus intrinsically enlightened. Our God-nature is the jewel within the lotus.

Be very still within this illumined glow and beauty. And breathe into every part of your being the new life and subtle perfume of the lovely lotus. Rest now in total contentment, for a few timeless moments, in this utter peace and wisdom. All is Love. All are One.

It is time now to bring yourself gently back to a firm awareness of your physical body and surroundings. Feel the chair you are sitting in and breath normally as you softly come back into the world of daily concerns and work. You carry with you now the Spiritual Fragrance of the Lotus and the blessing of a peace-filled heart. All is truly well.

Lastly, remember that, from the inner planes, the Lord Buddha continues his sacred work to alleviate any and all suffering. If it feels appropriate and correct to you, you may ask assistance from Lord Buddha of the Compassionate Heart. If you are suffering, or someone or an animal you love is, or there is a situation that requires healing, ask before the altar within your heart that your true, selfless prayer may be answered. Ask and believe that you or another may receive the balm of peace and a blessed outcome for all concerned. Spiritual manna abounds!


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1. BBC – Religions – Buddhism: Wesak.


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