Posted by: Zane Maser | December 15, 2013



I remember now,
before Oneness became two-ness.
That Divine Being in me
when peace reigned.
But gradually the sensation of separation arose
as the feeling of unity faded into loneliness.
All by myself,
I have to shoulder the weight of life.
And it’s heavy on my shoulders.
All by myself.

Time passes.
Something huge shifts inside.
Like tuning into a new channel with less static.
The message becomes more pure.
Then I happen to look in the mirror
to suddenly see true,
to realize once again,
That’s me and Thee!
me in Thee.
me as Thee.
Thee as me.
Thee in me.

The outlines have become clear.
The imaginary disguise of two-ness dissolves.
Expressing the fullness of life once more.
I remember now.
There always has been just the One.
The One of us inclusive.
Thy face in all.
I remember now.

I had to wander afar.
A long way off the path.
In forgetful stumbling and numbness.
I thought I was responsible for the burden.
This visible world seemed all that was real.
All I thought possible,
because I could see my wiggling fingers,
experience the soft grass beneath my feet.
All tangible evidence, reality as I understood it.
Steeped in the head center,
steeped in task-oriented achievements.

Alas, I was quite in error.
A self-created load too weighty to carry.
My martyred knees scrapped and bruised.
My heart grew faint.
Have I ever really known what I was doing?
A weak “probably not” echoes in my mind.
Sadly the inner voice is silent.
My outer mind and fear-based ego in command.

How did I get to such a dark and separate place?
Apart. Alone. In agony.
Mesmerized by false appearance
and the sense of solid things.
In despair.

Again, time passes.
Unbeknownst, I am caught in a beam of brightness.
Oh, look over there.
Or is it in here?
A wee flickering light as yet still burning quietly.
All but unnoticed.
Unattended to.
How did I miss its presence?
Always the flame so close and golden warm.
Right within my chest a soft radiance.

Finally to return Home.
There never was a misleading two.
The Light and I co-exist.
In secret, it was there from the beginning.
The perpetual flame.
Present. Waiting. Patient.
Divine energy inextinguishable.
Present. Waiting. Patient.
Its holy luminosity all there ever Is.
Within Its light I exist Self-complete.
Eternally I reside.
Eternally I will remain here.
Divinity’s Presence remembered as the One and Only.

With joy, I celebrate the Lord my God.
I celebrate Life.
I celebrate the opportunity of my life.
I celebrate this day
and this divine moment.


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  1. Blessings and appreciation to you both for your writings of wisdom and strength.

    • Thank you, Jane. Blessings returned.

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