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Silence is Divine experience.
Emptied and receptive,
listen for the Creative Voice.

The sacred Festivals of Light are important markers for peaks of spiritual power and development during the year. They are vital times of communion when the veil thins “between the earth and heaven.” During these days, spiritual rays blaze forth, and the vibrations increase on the Earth and for all kingdoms of life. Above all, in such moments of deep silence, the light in our own hearts can be stimulated, so that we are better enabled to remember and embrace who we truly are—magnificent beings individually expressing the “One Divine Urge.”

The holy celebration of Easter is behind us now. It signified a heightened opportunity for our true Self to arise out of the entombment of the small (outer) self and the enslavement of materiality in general. On May 14 yet another Festival of Light occurs at the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio (at 24 degrees). It is the Wesak Festival of the beloved Lord Buddha, once again bathing us in peace-filled Illumination. His golden aura encompasses all. Then, at the subsequent Full Moon on June 12 (at 22 degrees Sagittarius), the Christ Festival is considered the capstone of the first half of the year, a time during which we strive to reach a pinnacle of inner development. And the energies peak once more at the Summer Solstice on June 21.

All who make the choice from the human and spiritual levels of life can meet together during these gatherings of the like-hearted. For in the midst of one of the ancient Festivals, time as we know it ceases. All blends together—with no past, present, or future. In the utter quietude, those assembled recognize only the eternal, universal Life—all One Consciousness and One Power from the same origin of Love.


From the higher spheres, these grand Festivals shed blessed light on the Inner Mysteries of our being for those who pause sufficiently from earthly concerns. The portal of entry requires us to be in the silent depths within, where the Light is revealed. These Celebrations also indicate the balancing effect of spring and renewal (resurrection) following winter’s long sleep. Throughout these great, annual changes, the flow of life bursts forth, flowers, and fruits not only as a material reality but also spiritually. As below, so above.

This yearly cycle folds into the larger evolutionary cycle in which we come to Earth having been given freewill and the freedom to fully experience our individuality (“self”-expressiveness as “Gods in embryo”) secreted within our divinity (the final at-one-ment of the Buddhist’s “nirvana”). At this point of Self-realization, we know deep down the perfect interpenetration of the inner world with that of the outer world. As above, so below.

The Light within us
is the Light around us.
Vibrant and pulsating Creation.
Be still in I AM.


If you choose, let the practice of turning within to listen exercise you—a constant emptying of the self to allow a vacuum for Self-filling. Consider it an intimate practice to experience your Divine nature. After all, the Latin derivation for intimacy means “impress,” or “make familiar,” which comes from the Latin intimus, meaning “inmost.”1 Spiritual intimacy grows as we invest peaceful moments in our “interior room.”

For those who do not currently have such a practice, you can begin simply at first. Make a conscious commitment to pause all outer motion and sit comfortably upright with your feet on the floor. Only a few minutes three-to-four times a day will make a huge difference, because when you drop down into your heart, you are choosing to be alone with God (use whatever word most resonates with you). Therein, wait patiently, becoming like a tuning fork. Hand everything—every single thing—over in surrender to Spirit. In this illumined center, Divine Intelligence already understands and supplies. Relax into an even deeper quiet. Rest awhile in this absolute feeling of complete wellness, for it is the spiritual reality of your being.


Day by day, the cumulative effect of this discipline to connect with the “PC” (the Peace Center) grows exponentially. It results in an overall greater measure of calmness, harmony, and an imperceptible yet a noticeable desire to simplify your life. Choices shift. Changes show up in how you live outwardly. The superfluous becomes easily recognizable and released. Real Values become precious. There is an increasing imperturbability. Life flows in a seamless way when interior silence becomes a prominent partner.

Your “PC” will become your second home, a space you will seek to visit more and more frequently for perhaps longer and longer stretches. This inner home IS your foundation and thus where the trillions of atoms of your being are infused and nourished with the living Light of Divine Spirit. It is indeed a sacred temple.

And when the great Festivals of Light take place during the course of every year, you will be well versed to partake as a conscious participant, warmly recognizing each face of the vast multitude. It is without doubt a reunion of the Like-Hearted.

If you cannot still your body
and silence all thought,
it is analogous to a continuous
“talking over the top of” God.
It isn’t even a conversation!
Can you listen?


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