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This meditation accompanies and follows “In Emptiness
is Spiritual Fulfillment.”
If you would like to experience a
preparatory meditation,
where you enter a place
called your “inner garden,” you may want to do that first.

White Eagle, the spiritual teacher, once said: “If you read the account of John the Baptist in the Gospels, you will notice that the place in which he dwelt is described as a wilderness—the wilderness of the world, the chaotic condition of man’s collective soul. We are all in a wilderness within until we begin to discipline ourselves and turn our soul-wilderness into a beautiful garden. The term ‘wilderness’ in fact stands for the state of chaos, loneliness, and unhappiness which is the lot of the soul before it is awakened [or emptied of the little self].”1 The conquest of the outer, worldly self and the overcoming of fear-based egotism was the central aim of all the Mystery Schools of the past.

Through the ages, self-emptying has been a singular theme of mystics and called by many names: self-naughting, self-extinguishing, being un-selfed, self-forgetfulness, self-achieved submission, being self-slain, and self-abnegation. For instance, Sri Krishna, in talking to Radnu about his flute said, “look, it’s completely empty so I can fill it with my divine melody.” Radnu represents the human soul longing for union with the Divine.

The process towards self-transcendence is undertaken in order to grow beyond the mortal life of fears, worries, opinions, and even the desire for spiritual realization. Death of the ego—giving up all egocentricity—is the purpose of the disciplines of spiritual life, which is a letting go of the overshadowing worldliness and external distractions. It is, as the Psalmist wrote: to keep one’s eyes always on the Lord. It has been called the “second death” in the Biblical Revelations, where one must die-to-self or die away from the self. Meister Eckhart terms this second death, “a mighty upheaval.”

Many people today, when confronted with the concept of renunciation of self-will and dying to their separateness and selfishness, often believe this means they will lose their personal identity and freedom of choice. They perceive losing their independence and autonomy, but what they actually lose is the sense of self as a small, limited personality of the physical life, as the above mystics attest. Carl Jung describes this moment of realignment clearly as the gravitational relocation of the personality’s center from the ego to a center greater than one’s self.

With this brief introduction about self-relinquishment as the process toward becoming more aware of your Real Self and your innately loving nature, let’s prepare for a few moments of quietude and rest. Take your attention to your breath, to this present moment. Feel the natural rhythm of the breath, passing in through your nostrils and then gently, easily moving out of the body, releasing what no longer serves a useful purpose. Flowing in, flowing out effortlessly. This is breathing in the life force—the spiritual renewal available in each breath. Observing the unforced tempo with every inhalation and every letting go.

Begin now, as you are sitting comfortably in your chair (or any other quiet place), to shift your awareness from the clutter and clatter of the outer world to the peace and quiet of an inner garden. Take a few moments to get a sense of it, its sights and perfumes, its colors and sounds. You may notice, when first arriving in this serene garden, that your mind is making too much noise with its busy activity to see, hear, or experience the garden’s peace and quiet. Allow your shoulders to relax, feeling all the cares and tensions melting away. As much as you are able, let go any mental and physical tightness or strain in your body; be as still and comfortable as possible. A soothing relaxation is spreading throughout your entire body.

Notice how your breathing has become more quiet and peaceful. Feel its comfortable, calm rhythm as you begin to experience the feminine Nature of life, where the less you make of yourself, the more you are. The wisdom of the feminine is in opening and letting go in order to become. The greatness of the feminine comes from knowing within the center of your being how to empty yourself of your ego’s will and become an instrument of service for the greater good of all life.

Feeling pleasantly relaxed, you find you are being gently led through a familiar gateway into an inner garden. You recollect this garden and realize you have once again entered the special place of your own creative imagination. Open your senses to the full array of sights and sounds. With each breath, feel the transforming power of Nature’s impartial innocence. God’s love visibly expressed…

A still pool of azure water at the center of the garden is beckoning you. Move toward the familiar bench by the water’s edge. Absorb the absolute peace and refreshment as you sit comfortably beside the clear pool. A soft breeze caresses the trees, and the birds sing to you about the harmony and unity of life. This is the Pulse of Oneness. Feel the all-satisfying fullness and richness of Divine Life as it exists here and beyond to the corners of the Universe.

Your eyes are drawn to a pure white water lily on the still water. White is the perfect blending of all colors of the spectrum, and the lily is the symbol of surrender and relinquishment. You realize, as you gaze at the lily unfolding gently in the sunlight, that each part of life in this garden exists in a perfect state of resonance with every other part. The longer you gaze at the lily, the more you become the lily through the joyful emptying of self-forgetfulness. Now your little self is simply open to the will of your Higher Self, the Will of the Divine, what God may bestow on you as Loving Grace. When you are empty of yourself, you are completely full of that upon which you dwell.

Now, thoroughly empty of the self-will of the ego, your soul merges tenderly, softly in unity with Cosmic life. Smiling, you are aware of how far you have traveled on the Path of spiritual fulfillment and liberation, the path of self-transcendence to Self-realization.

Remain here for as long as you wish, breathing in the purity and the fragrance of the white lily as you bask in the gentle golden sunlight. You feel as empty and yet as full and contented as you have ever felt. When you are ready and want to return to outer life, walk back through the spacious garden of lawn and vibrant flowers. Retrace your steps through the gateway.

Slowly and gently breathe your way back to awareness of the room, the weight of your body, and the outer world about you. Breathe a little more deeply now, exhaling. Take a few more quiet moments, and when you feel ready, open your eyes gently. May a glow of harmony and well-being accompany you throughout your day in your every thought, feeling, word, and act. Namastè.

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1. White Eagle. 1987. The Path of the Soul. The White Eagle Publishing Trust, New Lands, Liss, Hampshire, England. 79pp.

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