Posted by: Zane Maser | August 8, 2010


Silence hears.
Notes. Divine notes.
Sounding true.
Who can hear them?
Only those so attuned.
Not in haste,
Not in fear,
Not in aggrandizement.
Notes transcendent.
Notes transcendent.

Words. Words of height.
Exalted true.
Who can write them?
Only those so emptied.
Not out of tempo.
Not in worry.
Not in self-absorption.
Words unearthly.
Words unearthly.

Colors. Colors exquisite.
Hues unseen here.
Who does God have paint them?
Only those so purified.
Not unnatural.
Not stroked anxiously.
Not in self-glory.
Colors heavenly.
Colors heavenly.

We can only know
When the Spirit moves us.
Is your soul ready?
To hear,
To pen,
To paint.
Inner melodies livened.
Words flowing forth.
Soulscapes beautified outward.
Who can know?
Who can know…

Holy assignments.
Sacred assignments.
Tailor made for me.
Tailor made for you.
The Divine Current comes in its own way.
In silence we hear.
Blueprint clear.
Dazzling simplicity,
To act then in softness
brings the forms down.
The Divine Touch saying,
‘Well done. Well done, oh worthy soul.’

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