Posted by: Zane Maser | October 15, 2012


Grace is like a spiritual infusion, a divine intervention
that fills us 
up from inside, oftentimes
just when we need it the most.

Messages and broadcasts of all sorts are constantly happening all over the world—24/7—via one of the latest technological innovations and devices. There’s not an instant when some sort of “messaging” isn’t occurring somewhere that is being sent and received.

Everything is sent out on a vibratory frequency or wavelength—its own unique channel. For example, where I live the television channel for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is channel 7. Anyone, anytime (during broadcasting hours), anywhere in this region can tune into channel 7 and receive the current programming at that particular moment. Everyone gets the same program.

Yet this describes but one level of life on the material, physical plane. As we all know, the Universe is comprised of many subtle levels and dimensions of life that are interpenetrating and eternally interconnected. Messages and broadcasts of all sorts are occurring simultaneously, but we must tune in to that specific “setting.”

Is it any less likely then that a Divine Broadcast is an ongoing, commonplace occurrence when we tune into the wavelength of the God Station? Just as we have to be receptive—attuned, as it were—to a message being sent on a given frequency, we have to allow ourselves the quiet, still, emptied-of-self moments of inner communion with the Divine Message that is being expressed evermore. We have to go to God with the singular, soul intent to be with God—to experience in our own way the omnipresent articulation of God.

The voice of God is forever uttering Itself, and when
He utters His voice, the earth melts.
Joel Goldsmith

There is no external person, circumstance, book, seminar, or message that can fill and sustain us, though many of us spend a lifetime in a fruitless material search as we attempt to get our needs meet. Only the direct Word of God has the power to fulfill, and these Words are ceaselessly being broadcast on the God Station. Such Divine Messages are available to every person anytime we enter the Silence and open our self lovingly to that harmonious attunement. When we do set our dial to the Divine Frequency, without any expectation or agenda of pleas and bargains, to that degree do we become receptive to the exact “message” that will meet our needs in a perfect manner.

Think of Moses, who in his greatest depth of need for his people of Israel, went up to the peak of Mount Sinai. In this place of solitude and complete stillness wherein Moses was open and receptive, the Lord spoke to him by giving him the true laws and commandments that would govern the people spiritually. The specific message given by the Lord and “downloaded” into Moses’ consciousness via the two tablets was in precise accordance with their evolutionary need at that time and place. The Voice uttered the healing Word for the Israelites.

An illuminated Mount Sinai experience is available here and now for each one of us. In the peace of meditative moments, the healing Word that my consciousness filters and interprets will be the vital assurance and requirement I most need. It might come in the form of a well-known phrase, such as “God will help us,” or in the payment from a client for services so I can pay the electrical bill that arrived today. In your own moments of communion, your Word might come as news that you have gotten a fabulous job or that your son was chosen to receive the scholarship he required to attend college.

The sense of an overwhelming peace and well-being tells us we have tapped into the Divine Broadcast and God’s grace has poured into our experience in the most amazing, magnificent ways!

Have you tuned your dial inwardly to the God Station today? If you make the time daily, the miraculous becomes commonplace, and the earthly is heavenly.


Man’s [woman’s] essential being is inward, invisible, spiritual,
and as such it derives its life and strength, from within, not from without. Outward things are channels through
which its energies are expended, but for renewal it
must fall back on the inward silence.
James Allen

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  1. A wonderful thought for today! Thanks Zane! Love Linda

    • You’re welcome, Linda. Thanks for visiting SunnyCat! Lots of love,

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