Posted by: Zane Maser | November 23, 2014


If you change one thought, you change the whole dynamic.
Change a single word, and the entire energy shifts.
A New World is set into motion that quickly!
This is the power of a single thought,
a single word or idea or action,
a single individual.

What if iconic filmmaker George Lucas—creator of the Star Wars movie phenomenon—had conceived and produced an enduring series of mega-hit movies titled Star Peace? It turns our psyches around 180 degrees towards the high vibratory power of Peace, doesn’t it, rather than towards the age-old, endlessly destructive outcome of conflict, war, and the other person as our enemy to be subdued or destroyed. It’s the radical difference on the attitudinal, behavioral continuum between contention or cooperation, hatred or forgiveness, violently projected fear or love, separation or unity.

Through the powerful medium of film, how would the collective and personal stream of consciousness been affected, fed, and programmed had we been infused with Star Peace as the archetypal energy that sustains and nourishes humanity and all earthly and galactic life? Star Peace is a motif of union that results from a place of loving connection and community, a place in our hearts where we have opted out of fear and separation. It’s the center of light wherein non-judgment and acceptance ripple outward to influence every particle of Life—even unto the furthermost reaches of the Universe.

With such a completely transformed, radically shifted paradigm of peace-centered intention, as the motivating “Force” for individual and collective consciousness, the current trajectory of history in the making would instantaneously alter. A newly transfigured Earth would be born! The mythological theme of harmony and goodwill toward all would reign! And our greeting to one another would ring out over the globe and Cosmos: “May the Force—of Peace—be with you!”

In every moment of life, we are simply meeting our self.
Remember, in Return of the Jedi, when Master Yoda warned Luke Skywalker to enter the Cave of Darkness without his weapon. Luke, armed with his light saber,
strode in to encounter what appeared as
the menacing, black-clothed Darth Vader.
So filled with terror, Luke reacted with a deathblow
to his enemy, only to discover his own face
now revealed behind the mask.

Which vibrational choice will you make: war or peace?


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