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The ultimate test of human conscience may be the willingness
to sacrifice something today for future generations
whose words of thanks will not be heard.
Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day

In 1971, I was a senior in high school. Like the goodly number of my classmates, environmental consciousness was not yet on my radar screen. Things like being a class officer, what dazzling gown I’d wear to the Senior Prom, and the upcoming movie date consumed my attention and energy. One of my classmates, a solitary sort of guy who didn’t quite fit the “popular” mold, organized all the awareness-raising activities at our school for what was to become the inaugural year of Earth Day—April 22, 1971.

I actually remember that leading edge, national event quite vividly! It was the stellar, cooperative moment in time around which coalesced a greater respect and gentle regard for and responsibility toward the Earth and all Her inhabitants, as well as an eye-opening look at how we humans treat one another.

All life is imbued with Divine Consciousness, manifesting in form,
so all life is our sister, our brother, our mother, our friend.
The Earth and its present condition are but
a mirror of our collective soul.

There was environmental hope for me, however, because somewhere in the deep recesses of my being was a tremendous love for animals and the pristine natural world. Right out of the known embrace of high school into the larger world, my first semester in college I majored in Accounting. Hard for me to believe now! When I finally did complete my bachelor’s degree, it was in “wildlife biology,” an occupation meant to care for the many species of animals inhabiting our state and national treasures of public lands. It was a decade after I graduated from high school that I married an ecological whiz kid, who since those wedding vows, has done his goodly share of soul work to raise the level of the world’s environmental consciousness.

Here are a few of his timely contributions, ones that add their share to make a difference in the trajectory of the critical importance of our daily choices and decisions in how we treat the Global Ecosystem as though every little thing mattered:

In Greek, both ecology and economy have the same root, oikos, meaning “house.” Ecology is the knowledge or understanding of the house, and economy is the management of that house—and it is the same house, that cannot be divided against itself and remain standing. …the natural environment, of which we are an inseparable part, and the resource base for the economy are one and the same.

Russ Beaton and Chris Maser,
Economics and Ecology: United for a Sustainable World


Because we have forgotten nature, there is a feeling of loss at the heart of modern people. We try to fill this inner gap with wealth and power, or with distractions, but this does no good at all. Each age has its own unique sadness. This, it seems to me, must be our own. Is it any wonder we have lost the meaning of our lives?

Chris Maser with Zane Maser
The World is in My Garden: A Journey of Consciousness


For life, human or otherwise, to have any measure of good quality, the basic components of the global commons [that part of the world and universe that is every person’s birthright] must be given highest priority: from clean air, to pure water, healthy oceans, fertile soils, sustainable forests, and healthy food, to parents who are psychologically mature enough to be loving, to asking their children what kind of future they want their parents—as trustees—to protect for them as a legacy from one generation to the next.

Chris Maser,
Decision Making for a Sustainable Environment: A Systemic Approach


Although planet Earth reveals its secrets slowly, we now have far more knowledge of the world in which we live than did our forbearers. Therefore, we not only have greater opportunities than they did but also are confronted with greater responsibilities because we are now part of an interconnected global society, whether or not we fully understand the idea or even like it. Just as their decisions set the stage for our reality, our decisions will determine the options of tomorrow and write the history of yesterday.

Chris Maser,
Earth in Our Care: Ecology, Economy, and Sustainability


We have control over what we choose to think and do—what we cause to be set in motion. The outcome (consequence) of our choice is therefore our responsibility. As such, it is within our creative power to change ourselves, one by one, from collectors of society’s increasing psychological and technological garbage to trustees of one another’s dignity, and it is within our power to transform the world from a growing toxic waste-dump back into a heavenly garden.

Chris Maser with Zane Maser
The World is in My Garden: A Journey of Consciousness

Making the leap from the discipline of ecology to the realm of astrology, I doubt if Gaylord Nelson, the originator of Earth Day, had astrological acumen. Nevertheless, in the bigger, archetypal picture, not coincidentally, April 22 occurs when the Sun is traveling through the zodiac sign of Taurus, the Earth sign of “physicality,” which signifies all that is visible, tangible, realistic, level-headed, dependable, stable, simple, soothing, healing, and peace-loving. An overall bent of Taurus is to relish and revel in the deep relaxation of the world of nature, digging happily in the soil, singing calmly to their heart’s content.

Moreover, astrologically, the Earth element is linked with the root chakra (the subtle energy center located at the base or root of the spine), thus the incoming soul is firmly grounded in the physical side or substance of life with all its practical, sensible concerns. The infinite varieties of form in matter are the special province of Taurus, whose appreciation and love of physical beauty is legendary—bestowed upon this Fixed Earth sign by its planetary ruler, the delicate and aesthetically refined Venus, the Lady who encourages balance and harmony.

A gentle embrace of our own self is the same gentle embrace
of how we think about and behave toward all life.
Do I honor myself as worthy and sacred?
Then, in kind, I honor all kingdoms of life with
the same reverence and love.

Also, it is highly interesting, in the bigger, archetypal picture, that the Number 22 is considered a “master” number, that of a Master Builder. The spiritual work of Taurus is keenly attuned to that of a master builder on the physical plane of life, laying a solid, balanced, precise foundation for the evolutionary unfoldment of the soul. Although #22 describes an idealist and visionary, it is an energetic signature that also endows an innate capacity to keep one’s feet firmly planted on the ground. In addition, this number suggests a passionate resourcefulness and wise ability to make spiritual concepts practical and usable. The high energy and capacity toward achievement of the #22, when fully engaged, invokes remarkably creative, innovative things and opportunities, much like the brilliant idea of the foundational Earth Day—1971.


World Healing Day for Mother Earth

In the White Eagle Lodge, on April 22 at noon (in our respective time zones all over the world), we are joining in a “World Healing Day for Mother Earth,” when each of us in our own quiet, peaceful place of sanctuary—a place outside preferably—when we will collectively send out our prayers and the healing Light to Mother Earth. Our Great Mother nurtures, protects, loves, and sustains each of us continuously with Her infinite tenderness, as well as all kingdoms of life on our beloved planet. If a Global Prayer resonates with you personally, please join in with us to send out an even greater Ray of Love and Healing Light.1



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1. The graphic of the planet Earth and the prayer is copyrighted from The White Eagle Lodge.

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