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“I was in a state of quiet, almost passive enjoyment. All at once, without warning of any kind, I found myself wrapped around as it were by a flame-coloured cloud. For an instant, I thought of fire, some sudden conflagration in the great city; the next, I knew that the light was within me.

“Directly afterward came upon me a sense of exultation, of immense joyousness accompanied by an intellectual illumination quite impossible to describe. Into my brain streamed one momentary lightning—flash of the Divine Splendor which has ever since lightened my life; upon my heart fell one drop of Divine Bliss, leaving thenceforward for always an aftertaste of heaven.

“Among other things, I [had] not [yet] come to believe: I saw and knew that the Cosmos is not dead matter but a living Presence, that the soul of man is immortal, that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all, that the foundation principle of the world is what we call love, and that the happiness of everyone in the long run is absolutely certain.

“I learned more within the few seconds that illumination lasted than in all my previous years of study, and I learned much that no study could ever have taught.”

Walt Whitman


Other Illumined Souls:

• Spreading of Blessings: Walt Whitman

• Master Healer: Dr. Edward Bach

• The Thunder Of Silence”—A Free E-Book
   (Joel S. Goldsmith)

• God Spoke to Her: Florence Nightingale

• A God-Filled Life: Julian of Norwich

• Life-Changing Moments    (Mother Teresa)

• Heavenly Incarnation: Lord Buddha


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