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It has often been said that if the Gravenstein could be
had throughout the year, no other apple need be grown.
Luther Burbank

“Hello. I’m an apple tree, of the Gravenstein lineage, a native that spread originally from Denmark. Possibly carried by Russian fur traders, I arrived in the western part of North America in the early 19th century, prospering nicely since then and well appreciated. Mine are a tried and true, delicious apple, even if a bit tart when ripe. My flavor provides a surprising, initial zing, but I sweeten right up!

“My purpose in life is to absorb and radiate beautiful Sunlight and to share my fruit. What if every living thing simply shared its bounty? Abundance passed forward because the supply is infinite when we live from a place of love. Kindly generosity.

“What would the world be like if faith, trust, and peace were the soil from which our roots grow? My roots go deep and wide in just such soil, so I always feel strong and supported. I feel calm and quiet in the center of me. No matter what the day brings—gusty winds, rain, gray sky, freezing cold, or glowing Sun—I enjoy the moment, because I know in all the cells of my tree-ness there is a loving Creator who watches over and protects me. That is why my leaves sometimes shimmer and dance with joy in the gentle breeze. Life is a wondrous gift.

“What we have to share are the fruits of what we are. Sharing is an energy that rests on fullness and completeness. It is never diminished. The more I give, the more there is—always a full crop. I reach up to the sky and my Creator blesses me with grace of life, so that I may share, by being myself naturally. Beauty is an inner thing that just is. The tree in the next yard is the same. Itself. We converse happily.

“I love being who I am, the matriarch tree that graces this part of an intensely treasured garden. Love has to be lived daily and spread widely, like my healthy, sturdy branches that welcome the many feathery residents and visitors who find sustenance here. Squirrels and cats enjoy the race up my trunk, climbing to the higher vantage points I provide. Sometimes they like to frolic, testing their agility and fearlessness. I feel like the center of a thriving family, so I am content where I have grown.

“This year my crop of apples is prodigious and quite free of worms. The year has been a perfect one for me in many ways. Today, all the rest of my red-striped apples were carefully harvested by the resident gardener, who adores me, and by two neighbors.

Already many of my apples were shared around the neighborhood, where three young girls made scrumptious little apple pastries, others made applesauce, raw apple cakes, and crisps, while my caretakers have solar dried gallons and gallons of apple slices for snaking on in the winter months ahead. Boxes of dried apples have been shipped to dear friends to share the abundance of the harvest. And I was most pleased that 13 gallons of fresh, organic cider was pressed today and distributed all around the neighborhood to eager, appreciative recipients.

“I ask myself, how really can my life get any better than this: to be the tree that shares fully of my bounteous gifts?”

Now our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name.
1 Chronicles 29:13


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