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At the Solar eclipse on May 20th, with the Sun and Moon at 00°21′ Gemini, I experienced what felt like an upgrade in being. That eclipse activated the most important and personal point in my chart—the degrees of the Ascendant. In a perfect Gemini way, I found a new voice! During my next White Eagle animal healing service, while I was reading the patients’ color treatments, I began to sing the words in a mantra, aum-like way! Each color came out in a beautiful tone, as though I sang the sacred note of healing and then of each animal. The whole service felt timeless, an extended Aum of the Cosmos! Striking the true chord within, God’s rhythm and Voice sang through me.1

When Time began, there was a great Light wherein information was encoded. For the Earth and humanity, May 20th was a powerful point of turning and transition, in part due to our Sun being in alignment (as well as the Earth and Moon) with the Central Sun, the mystical Alcyone, which is the alpha star in the venerated Pleiades. This open cluster of seven stars is located at one of the nodes (points of intersection) between the galactic and super-galactic planes—truly an inter-dimensional Stargate!2

Since the Earth passed through the high frequencies of a “Photon Belt” for this very rare May alignment, there is now a huge influx of Greater Light. According to one Mayan Elder, the Age shifted on that day.3 The next Mayan calendar commenced. May 20th marked a heightened, new beginning because both a Solar eclipse and 00° of a sign signify a new chapter, which further integrated an acceleration of the energy and Light from the Central Sun, the Great Provider and Nourisher of life.

There will be yet another increase in Cosmic Life Force and Light later this year (12-12-12 and 12-21-12) as the frequencies continue to increase and major changes in the planetary matrix take place. Our world is indeed a living organism of the One Consciousness. In the vast spiraling arm of the Milky Way galaxy, our Sun and Earth revolve around this Great Central Sun, known to reside within a black hole that some say exists in the realm of Pure Spirit.4 Astronomically, this Central Sun is the heart of our Cosmos. Spiritually, it is the Heart of the One and Only Being. It is the vessel of Divine Love that pours onto our Sun and then from the Sun to Earth.

Around December 21, our Sun will leave the region of space it has been traveling in for the past 5100+ years. A cosmic cloud of debris occupies this “dark” realm of space, which has reduced our Sun’s capacity to receive the full outpouring of blessed Light from the galactic Central Sun. Passing through the shadows and heaviness of these last millenniums, much of humanity’s consciousness became more and more ego-based, separated, and disconnected from the Creative Source, in an attempt to circumvent the Law that we are solely responsible for what we bring into form through our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. As stated in the fifteenth chapter of John, we bear fruit richly when in Oneness with Source, but a withering, cut-off branch when we separate ourselves from that Source of Love.

After our Sun emerges from this dark space, it heralds a new beginning of Greater Light, which all planets throughout this solar system will receive. Some mark this as the Shift of the Ages, as our souls re-awaken to the fullness of the Light on this spiral of Ascent. Thus, each has to choose consciously to shimmer more brightly as the SunStars we already are—One Spirit united in God.

In addition, the evolutionary processes of the intense Uranus/Pluto square over the next several years, orchestrated by Cosmic Design and concurrent with the Greater Light of the Shift of the Ages, will shatter the old patterns, paradigms, and pathways to allow for truer freedom and transformative breakthroughs. The close of a 26,000-year cycle is nearing. So many of us waited—and were chosen—to incarnate at this privileged time of Conscious Awakening.

Remember that you are at an exceptional hour in
a unique epoch, that you have this great happiness, this
invaluable privilege, of being present at the birth of a new world.
The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Sun’s essence is a symbol of our everlasting Self, which is the highest potential expression of our Godly Self. Portraying wholeness and unity, the astrological glyph for the Sun is the all-encompassing circle of universal Love with the dot as the Self, the center of Being, the immortal spark of God’s life secreted within. As the most powerful, vitalizing, individualizing force known, the Sun is the dominant note of the Universe in its emanations of warmth and generosity, with its continual golden infusion shining equally on all.

The Sun represents both the heart of a person and the heart of the astrological chart in its deepest expression, for it reveals the spiritual lesson to be learned and the conscious purpose, or main expression, of the current life. It also shows the underlying keynote of the character—the real Selfless identity—in all its possibilities for Self-realization. The Sun corresponds to the central focus in the natal chart, and its fortifying energy motivates our most authentic longings and shining, creative aspirations. Exalted in its position of supremacy amongst the planets (its number is One!), the Sun Consciousness indicates not only the potential for spiritual attainment but also the vital connection with our Higher Self and to Spirit.

Since the quantum leap of May’s solar eclipse, a more-available, fuller expression of Light, Grace, and Love are radiating from the Central Cosmic Heart. This eternal moment is the time to re-member that we are already One with the God-Source of our life, a relationship that is indivisible, indestructible, and unfaltering. The Infinite, flawless Self of you is the Infinite, flawless Self of me—God face to face.

As the One Divine Being, individually expressing Itself, we are already the light of the world. We are God’s luminous presence on Earth, aware of the tiniest heartbeat, movement, breath, and song of life. The underlying reality in which we live, move, and have our being is this earthly world already is God’s Heaven and thus seen “through a glass darkly” no more. We are all joint heirs to the Golden Kingdom—already within us. Alas, nothing can come into our lives unless we allow it to enter through our consciousness, our conscious participation.

God at the helm waits to confirm and affirm our true identity. What conscious choice will you make? Will you choose the Greater Light?

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1. This article appears in the 2012 summer volume of Drumbeat, from the White Eagle Lodge, Canada, pp. 15-17.

2. Stephanie Austin. Gemini Solar Eclipse—May 20. The Mountain Astrologer, April/May 2012, page 100.

3. Elizabeth Jones, astrologer, mentioned this in a May 10, 2012, interview on “Healing with the Masters.”

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