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There is a daily exercise of mindfulness each of us can undertake that will make an enormous difference in our personal world and beyond us outward to the larger world. If we remember—on a conscious level—that in every encounter with every person every day who we are actually meeting is the tender Christ babe, the gentle Christ child that is secreted in their heart.


The Divine Child can, at any moment, be born into the world. Born in you, born in me this day. You are this child—already whole, perfect, fulfilled, blessed, guided, watched over every second. And eventually, as we awaken, we remember that we stand (and sit) on sacred ground as a truly Christed One—the Christ incarnate on earth.

So, together, shall we take a few peaceful breaths? Just breath easily. Allow the inner space to expand. Let go, as much as you can in this moment of quiet rest. Relax into those eternal Arms, the ones that we realize are always present to steady, hold, and love us. Remember, now, in every cell of your Self that you ARE indeed this Holy Child—among the Enlightened Ones.

The following is an excerpt from Joel S. Goldsmith’s 1955 recorded tape “The Christ on Earth,” which has been very slightly edited for clarity:

Occasionally, the Divine Spiritual Impulse, called the Christ,
appears as more pronounced in an individual here and
there, but It exists in the consciousness of every individual
on the face of the globe. There comes a specific period
in the life of each individual when they come to the place
of spiritual annunciation in which the Christ is conceived,
nurtured, developed, until, on a Christmas Day, the Child
is born. In other words, the Presence of the Christ is
realized or achieved in individual you and me—within our
own being.

For each person, Christmas Day may occur on a different
date. The birth of the Christ may not necessarily take place
on December 25
but on June 2nd. It does not have to occur geographically in the Holy Lands, but always, always, always,
it takes place in the holy or uplifted consciousness of
an individual.

It is this uplifted consciousness that is the Holy City—the city
that is called “Sought out.” This inner City is the dwelling
place and birthplace of the Christ. Whenever anyone achieves
a realization of the Christ, they are then sought after, just
as the ships at sea seek after a lighthouse. They are sought
after not for the person or personality of that individual,
but for that area of consciousness, which is called the Holy
Land, the birthplace and residence of the Christ. …and Its
abiding place is within you.

Wherever this Spirit of God appears in human consciousness,
all the blessings and prophecies regarding the rich fruitage
of the Christ are made evident. …And it becomes a Christmas
Day every day that you permit the entrance of the Christ
into this world through your consciousness.



Come with us now in spirit, in imagination into the home of
the elder brethren, and with us join those beloved souls
who, because of the simple spirit of a little child, are
shining and radiant with the light of heaven . . . the light,
which is the power of command and control of the physical
and spiritual atoms. This command is not attained by the
power of the mind of earth but by the very essence of that
humble spirit of the gentle Christ. This is the spirit of
Christmas, the spirit of the pure childlike love, adoration
and worship.
               From the book White Eagle on Festivals & Celebrations


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