Posted by: Zane Maser | September 27, 2019


When I was a youth,
you gave me Mother comfort
from your calm waters.

Roaming sacred land,
I felt the river’s heartbeat.
I found new meaning.

Nature, animals,
trees, habitats, waterways
were my steadiness.

The Marys River
nurtured me, guided my steps.
Nature spoke through me.

Deep segments of life
form us, reveal vocation.
Given to, we give.

The Earth supports us.
Our care of Her cares for us.
Will we choose wisely?


A story is a living memory, one that is part of our storehouse
of spiritual treasures. In this specific instance, such
a natural history archives a part of the biological
wealth that once existed and adds to the collective
wisdom and lessons that could well provide a vital
foundation for upcoming generations who must sustain
and consciously care for this exquisite Earth.

I watched the river from dawn ’til dusk, from
season to season, year to year, and found myself
moving inward and evolving with it. The river,
fluid in its motion and flexible in its moods,
instructed me in the current of life that I might
navigate it safely without undue resistance and
thus without tiring. The river’s song informed me
that I was a vital but momentary passing, like
everything borne on its current, from birth to
maturity to death to memory to birth again in some
other form—an atom in a water lily, a catfish, or a
tiger beetle. Its mixing of the two ingredients,
silt and water, taught me that creation and extinction
are no more than seemingly opposite sides of the
same dynamic—change—that manifests itself
through the irreversible novelty of eternal
becoming. But, the most valuable lesson of all
was that obstacles are temporary and can be
transcended with patience, persistence, and
the accrual of insight.
Chris Maser, from the Epilogue of The Marys River of
My Youth: A Natural History of its Seen and Unseen Life


For more information about this book,
visit Chris Maser’s website at
Scroll down on the homepage to find a list of
his books. The second title is “The Marys River.”
Click on that link to see the Table of Contents,
the Foreward, and two endorsements. There is a
link there for Amazon, if you would like to
purchase the book.

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Haiku poem, prose, and photo of Chris Maser © by Zane Maser, 2019. Epilogue quote © from “The Marys River of My Youth: A Natural History of Its Seen and Unseen Life. All 2009-2019 rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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