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Once upon a springtime, seven white eggs, colored with brown and gray blotches, are laid in an open, cup-shaped nest by a female Bewick’s wren. She incubates and watches over her egg brood with diligent care, as well as often foraging with her partner.

In this lineage of Wren, the “son” learns to sing from hearing the personal songs of not only his “father” but also from the neighboring, adult males. During the first 30 to 60 days or so of his life, the young bird cleverly varies notes and syllables from the other male songs, while also composing two-to-three, unique parts for “his” song. Considered “master vocalists,” the son creates a differentiated version that is his own individualized, musical signature.1

One day, this jittery little bird flies free of the nest, born upward on the power of his own wings, endowed with an inner song that forever afterward is his exclusive, melodic contribution to life.

Yet, his song will also blend into the great Cosmic Song of the Birds—as an individual and at the same time united with all Life.

In the mystical literature of the world, this is analogous to the “spiritual marriage.” There is a point of culmination for every mystic when inwardly the human self meets the divine Self. At last, the two so-called “selves” unite in oneness. What was once a personal, physical, worldly sense of self disappears. This final “death” and “rebirth” is the full awakening into what was already, eternally present—our spiritual nature and identity. The Master Jesus describes this high state of divine Consciousness as “The Father and I are one.” This One Spirit expresses as a Bewick wren, a towering oak, the soil underfoot, a person walking quietly along a streamside path.


There is not an animal on earth, nor a flying
creature flying on two wings, but they
are peoples like unto you.
from the Mohammedan Scriptures


In absolute Consciousness, there is no loss of identity.
I remain myself, and you remain yourself, and yet
there is no place where one begins and the other ends.
Joel S. Goldsmith, trailblazer on the Infinite Way of life


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