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The Cape of Love is a different kind of mantle. Its quality and color are of a subtle essence that is unique to each individual. Its spiritual vibrancy is life enhancing, yet it is also a cloak of calmness.

Some people can see it enveloping another. A few can discern its constant presence around them. Most cannot, even though the beautiful energy of it is universally available—now—as a tender covering to smooth our way.

This radiant Cape turns into a living reality as we become receptive to and allow ourselves such heavenly nurturance.

Once you’ve felt its protective influence, this cloak transforms you forever. Once you’ve felt its enfolding warmth of attentive care, you feel pure love and loved—unconditionally. With its all-pervasive quality of steadiness, we stand strong and focused on the truly valuable.

Through every problem, difficulty, danger, suffering, loss, and heartbreak, the Cape of Love is ever-present. As a shield of light around our body… Around our life… Around everything we touch and influence…


With each experience and confident step forward, we go with the assurance of safety that we are forever watched over and accompanied. The Cape allows us to grow what seems visibly larger to ward off those with less than good intentions. The Cape also permits a small stature to shroud our presence when we need to glide through any situation or crowd unnoticed. It helps us to remain centered on our spiritually chosen purpose and mission for this lifetime, to move with grace-filled ease according to Divine Order.

The Cape fosters the way to fully, finally transmute fear and thus walk with utter, unfailing trust. Every person’s attainment of the fearless state is a valiant triumph that enlightens all. To that degree, fear is drained of its overall power and false existence.


As our celestial garment, the Cape of Love supports, sustains, and supplies our every need, when the necessity arises in the current moment. And so it does with every breath unto eternity…

This Cape of Illumination is the spiritual birthright and ever-available inheritance of all souls. But, you must make a conscious choice—or not—to allow its Omnipresent Light to enfold your being at all times. And when you do, it grants you a second life.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you!

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