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In this family-centered week of Thanksgiving in the United States, there is much to celebrate and to feel incredible gratitude for. In contrast, given the context of the aftermath of our recent national election, there are also agitated waters of heightened, intense feelings. The thought and emotional atmosphere is highly disturbed in our land, as well as in other parts of the world for various reasons.

As the small part I can play, I am turning within frequently to this prayer for ALL humanity. This puts the current, turbulent waters in the Hands and Heart of a Being much wiser than any of our own. By this way of “clearing,” we release our personal agendas and let it all rest within the broader picture of the evolutionary growth of Consciousness on this beautiful planet we ALL share. Letting it go, letting it be is a powerful mantra for right now and the days ahead.

I let go—into the Divine,
And I let it be—in the Divine.
Thus peace, harmony, love,
and Light reigns supreme
as the One Life.

Let goodwill and unity live on Earth,
beginning in the heart of each one of us.

Letting it go, letting it be.
Letting it go, letting it be.
Letting it go, letting it be.
Letting it go, letting it be.
Letting it go, letting it be.
 Letting it go, letting it be…

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