Posted by: Zane Maser | November 17, 2015



A clear image forms
as a lens focuses light.
Twofold to oneness.

Like a camera,
the inner eye sees One Form.
Divine underneath.

In silent repose
Eternal Goodness shows forth.
The false vanishes.

Natural Beauty
abounds everywhere perfect
as a Blessed Gift.


Sight comes from the heart
cleansed of human illusion.
Kind mercy, goodwill.

Fear becomes groundless.
Spacious Arms hold us softly.
Peace our pure birthright.

Look inward for Love.
In quiet open to Soul.
Trust Presence. See clear.

Already at home.
No Prodigal ever left.
Eyes sparkle with joy.


Only One Spirit I leave with you.
My Oneness I give to you.
Not as the world gives,
but as I give to you—eternally.
All Reality is Divine.
Let your heart be soothed
and your mind serene.
Oneness I give—unconditionally.
Always, you have been complete.
Zane Maser’s version of John 14:27

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Haiku poem and Maser version of John 14:27 © by Zane Maser, 2015. Photos gratefully used from Wikimedia Commons. All rights of Zane Maser and SunnyCat Astrology reserved worldwide.

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my stupendous husband.


  1. A beautiful peace, Zane. As always your words bring peace and joy! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Linda, for your kind generosity, as always, and for the beauty of your heart. I know you see with spiritual eyes! Lots of love,

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